Modern Architecture in Los Angeles

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Modern Buildings of 1920 Schindler House, How House, Carr House, Manola Court, Lovell House, Dolores del Rio House. Housing 1930 Elliot House, Buck House, Village Green Housing.

House 1935 Victor M. Carter House, De Keyser House, Johnstone House, McAlmon House, Sontag Drug Store, Wilson House. Apartment 1936 Lipetz House, Murphy Oldsmobile, Plymouth Apartments, Walker Residence, Wallace Beery Duplex. Institute 1937 Aero Industries Institute, CBS Radio Complex, Darkroom Bar, Firestone Garage, Koblick House, Landfair Apartments, Locksley Place, Ross House, Skinner House. Residence 1938 Barsha Residence, Becker House, Bubeshko Apartments, Cochran Apartments, Cocoanut Grove, Meyers House, Westby House, Wyvern Wood Housing. Office 1939 Adams House, Daniels House, Billing Office, Falk House, Pearl Mackey Modern Apts, Rowe Residence, Sturges House. Modern 1940 Oboler Gate House, Koosis House, John Lautner House. Architecture 1941 Drury House, Grayson Shops, Quonset Hut.


Shopping Mall 1945 Bubble Concrete House, Crenshaw Mall. Hotel 1946 Algemac's Coffee Shop, Eames House, Maurer House, Shangri La Hotel. Museum 1947 Bullock's Store Pasadena, Desert Hot Springs Motel, Peterson Automotive Museum, Mar Vista Tract, Mel's Drive-In. Tower 1948 Avenel Cooperative Housing, Bailey House, Crenshaw Store, Gershon Building, Golden State Mutual Life, Milliron's Department Store, Museum Square, Park La Brea Towers, Sheats Apartments, Sokol House, Wayfarer's Chapel. Department Store 1949 Bob's Big Boy, Broughton House, Glen Capri Motel, Hale House, Hopmans Residence, Los Angeles City Jail, Schaffer Residence, Wirin House.

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Early modern houses and buildings in the City of Los Angeles with photos, construction data, name of the architect, building style and location.