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The Hale House built 1887 for real estate developer George W. Morgan, a superb restored example of the Queen Anne Eastlake Style.

The Valley Knudsen Garden Residence was built in 1883 by Richard E. Shaw on Mozart Street, a Second Empire french mansard styled roof.

The 1897 Lincoln Avenue Church follows the Methodist's tradition of non-axial floor plans.

The Palms Depot was built 1887 in the Eastlake style for the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Perry House 1876 by architect Ezra F. Kysor. The Italianate Style house was moved here from Mount Pleasant Street, Boyle Heights.

Carriage Barn with pitched roof and three gables was built in 1899 besides a hospital in Pasadena.

The Ford House was constructed in 1887 as middle-class home in downtown Los Angeles. Woodcarver John Ford added a lot of ornate wood carvings to the exterior of this Italianate Queen Anne beauty.

The Octagon House in Pasadena built in 1893 by Gilbert Longfellow.
In 1848 Orson S. Fowler published the idea that such a house costs less to construct.

Heritage Square is a living history museum located at 3800 Homer Street in the Montecito Heights neighborhood next to the Pasadena Freeway.

Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles


Alumni House 1879 by architects Ezra F. Kysor & Octavius Morgan. Widney Hall was the first building of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Angels Flight Railway funicular between Hill Street and Bunker Hill constructed 1901 by architects Train & Williams for developer Colonel J.W. Eddy.

Bob's Market on Bellevue Avenue: A corner grocery store 1913 by architect George F. Colterison.

Janes House 1903 by architects Dennis & Farwell. Queen Ann Style building on Hollywood Boulevard.

Lewis House on Miramar Street 1890 designed by architect Joseph Cather Newsom.

Mentzer House of 1873, now home of the Burbank Historical Society.

Philip Fritz Houses built in 1892 and today the Chinatown Heritage and Visitor Center.

The 1870 Plummer House was moved from Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood to the Valley village of Calabasas.

Point Fermin Lighthouse, a 1873 Carpenter Gothic structure above the shores of San Pedro by the Sea.

Sepulveda House on Olvera Street, a 1887 brick building by architects Costerigan & Merithew.

Stimson House 1891 by architects Carroll H. Brown & E.D. Elliot. located at Figueroa Street.

The Victorian was assembled from the remains of former Bunker Hills residences.


Victorian Residence in Angelino Heights / Los Angeles


Victorians have a great deal of ornamentation, wrap-around porches, expansive bay windows, carvings, towers and turrets.
Gothic Revival was built in the 1840's and was one of the first residential Victorian styles. Inspired by the country villas of northern Italy, the Italianate style was built 1860 to 1880. Second Empire is fashionable about the same time, but took it's inspiration from French architecture and it's typical mansard roof.
Stick Style was a transition between Gothic Revival and Queen Anne and had it's popularity from 1860 to about 1890. Richardsonian Romanesque was a revival style based on the French and Spanish buildings of the 11th century, was built betweeen 1870 and 1900 characterized by stone. Queen Anne was the most varied, and decoratively rich architectural style and was built from 1880 to circa 1910.