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Irregular shaped modern building
Fidelity Federal Savings & Loan Assn 1979 by Krisel Shapiro Architects an irregular shaped modern office building with reflecting glass façade at 14455 Ventura Boulevard + Van Nuys in Sherman Oaks.

La Reina Theatre
La Reina Theatre 1937 by architect S. Charles Lee as Fox Theatre an 900-seat movie palace at 14626 Ventura Boulevard.

Chamberlain Towers / Certified Life Tower
Thomas M. Chamberlain Towers built in 1967 with helistop and panorama restaurant at 14724 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

Like Roscoe Blvd. Ventura is a main east-to-west thoroughfare of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County. Originally part of the historic Camino Real trail between the spanish mission in Ventura and mission San Fernando Rey de Espana here in The Valley.

Communications Center
Pacific Telephone communications center 1968 by architects Allison Rible Robinson Ziegler AT&T at 14800 Ventura Boulevard.

Mel's Drive-In Restaurant in Sherman Oaks
Mel's Drive-In 1947 by architects Armet + Davis Home Style cooking restaurant 14846 Ventura Blvd.

Bekins Van & Storage Building
Bekins Van & Storage Building est. 1946 as Mc Gee's Self Storage at 15111 Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

Columbus Center / Bank of the West Building
Columbus Center Office Building est. 1987 at 15165 Ventura Boulevard shows red granite and glass.

Citibank's reinforced concrete structure
Union Bank Plaza 1965 by architect Victor Gruen as reinforced concrete and steel structure at 15233 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

Class A Office Property in Sherman Oaks
Bank of California 1969 Langdon + Wilson architects Class A property office building at 15250 Ventura.

Valley Executive Tower
Valley Executive Tower built 1984 in Sherman Oaks at 15260 Ventura Boulevard. Crocker Bank branch on Sherman Oaks. Los Angeles Modern Architecture.

Realty Office Building in Sherman Oaks
Rodeo Realty 1964 Sepulveda Blvd. 15300 Ventura.

ComericA Bank or Sherman Oaks Galleria Tower
Office Tower of the Sherman Oaks Galleria Shopping Mall 1979 by AC Martin Architects 4727 Sepulveda.


Encino Gateway Building
Encino Gateway Building 1973 by architect Maxwell Starkman 15760 Ventura Boulevard skyscraper.

Encino Terrace Office Building
Encino Terrace Office Plaza building 1985 by Fujita Company at 15821 Ventura Blvd. + Gloria Avenue.

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