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The Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area is famous for elevated highways and multi-lane freeways, but there are also surface streets and smaller roads.


Metro Orange Busway Station / Los Angeles
A passenger is waiting at the Metro Orange Busway Station in the San Fernando Valley of California.

Fargo Street in Silver Lake
The 33% grade Fargo Street is said to be the steepest in the Silver Lake Hills district.

Figueroa + Temple Street Grade Seperation
The Figueroa and Temple Street two level grade seperation was a 1939 Public Works Administration PMA Project.

Harbor Transit Freeway 110
Harbor Transit Freeway 110 with some slow traffic in downtown Los Angeles. California's main north-to-south route had the worlds first four-level grade seperation with Hollywood Freeway in 1947.

Hollywood Freeway
Santa Ana Freeway 110 was built in 1950 between downtown and the El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

Mulholland Highway
Mulholland Highway runs from the San Fernando Valley over the Santa Monica Mountains to Malibu.

Multi-level street system in Downtown Los Angeles
Multi-level intersection street system at Bunker Hill 1964 by Barton Aschman Associates.

Sylmar Intersection of Golden State + Antelope Valley Freeway
Concrete structures at the intersection of California Freeways 5 Golden State and 14 Antelope Valley between Sylmar and Newhall.

Lawrence 'Doc' Mishler on the PCH
Lawrence Mishler with horse Chief Spirit on the Pacific Coast highway PCH on their way to Crawford, Texas to meet President George W. Bush.

Buena Vista North Broadway Bridge / Los Angeles River
Buena Vista Broadway Bridge built in 1911 above the Los Angeles River. Seismic retrofit and historical renovation 2000.

Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena
Colorado Street Bridge across Pasadena's Arroyo Seco built 1912 by engineers John Alexander Low Waddell and John D. Mercereau.

Gold Line Bridge across Los Angeles River
Earthquake-proof Gold Line street car bridge across the Los Angeles River connects the Cornfields with Lincoln Heights.

Kenilworth Avenue / Glendale
Historic 95 feet steel truss bridge constructed 1936 by Consolidated Steel Corp. of Los Angeles at Kenilworth Avenue in Glendale.

2nd Street Tunnel constructed in 1918-1924 :: Downtown Los Angeles
The formal opening of the Second Street Tunnel below Bunker Hill was 1924-07-25. Still one of the most famous movie locations in downtown Los Angeles at Hill Street.

North Spring Street Bridge :: Los Angeles River
North Spring Street Bridge across the Los Angeles River constructed 1928 by City Engineer Merrill Butler.

Shakespeare Bridge
The picturesque Shakespeare Bridge was designed 1926 by architect J.C. Wright for Franklin Avenue in Franklin Hills. Gothic style arches and turrets on a 260 by 30 feet span bridge.

Vincent Thomas street bridge Los Angeles
The Vincent Thomas Bridge opened to traffic in 1963 and connects the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro with Long Beach. Main span is 1,500 feet, the back spans are 500 feet.

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