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During rush hour every car or truck stucks in a traffic jam and residents of the automobile city start to commute by mass transit like bus and metro rail.


Big Blue Bus of Los Angeles
The Big Blue Bus provides public transportation between City of Santa Monica and downtown L.A.

Towing car vs. Yellow Cab
Towing Truck vs. the Yellow Cab in front of Macy's Plaza on Hope Street in Los Angeles.

Metro Orange Line / San Fernando Valley
Metro Orange Line has public transportation via bus on a concrete Busway in the San Fernando Valley.

Yellow Taxi Zone / Downtown Los Angeles
Yellow Taxis waiting in the Taxi Zone on Grand Avenue for patrons or guest or tourist.

Traffic Accident / Downtown Los Angeles
Spectators at car Accident at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard + Olive Street.

Chevrolet Pickup-Truck on Sunset Boulevard
Old Chevrolet Pick-up Truck waiting for his driver on Sunset Boulevard.

Chrysler automobile in Angelino Heights Los Angeles
Historic Chrysler automobile in Angelino Heights Los Angeles.

Clark Forklift
A Clark Forklift is the vehicle of your choice in the industrial areas of California.

Thermo King Freightliner Truck
Thermo King Freightliner truck waiting at a loading/unloading berth in an Downtown Los Angeles industrial area.

Willys Jeep 1/4 ton Truck
The Willys Jeep was manufactured for the U.S. Army from 1941 to 1945. This four wheel utility vehicle was an icon of World War II.

The Pedomobil of East Los Angeles
The El Pedomobil and his owner at the El Pedorrero Muffler Shop at 4101 Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles.

LAPD Patrol Car :: Los Angeles Police Department
Patrol Car of the Los Angeles Police Department protect and to serve Not in Service - hopefully not a bad accident.

Stretch Limo in Downtown Los Angeles
The first stretch limousine was created in 1928 by Armbruster Coach Co. in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Sub Sea Vehicle California
Sub Sea Vehicle ...stranded not too far from the Pacific Ocean.

Tornado Intercept Vehicle with Hydraulic Claws
Tornado Intercept Vehicle designed by storm chaser and IMAX director Sean Case. Withstand 200 mph winds or 75 % of all U.S. Tornados. Modified Ford F-450 truck with hydraulic caws, 1/8-1/4" steel plating, camera turret, custom self-made car made in Los Angeles.

Volkswagen Transporter
Volkswagen Type-2 Transporter at the Just Volkswagens workshop in Sun Valley  |  8957 Glenoaks Blvd.

General Motors Truck
General Motors Truck manufactured by the Yellow Truck & Coach Mfg. Company in Pontiac, Michigan U.S.A.

Los Angeles Marathon
Since 1986 the Los Angeles Marathon is an anual 26.219 mile or 42.195 kilometer footrace inspired by the Summer Olympics. The 2004 pace car was again a Honda FCX with zero emissions, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.


ARCO Station / Self Serve Gasoline
ARCO Self Serve Gasoline Station in 2003 offering Unleaded and Plus + and Unleaded Premium.

Gilmore Gasoline at the Los Angeles Farmers Market
Gilmore red lion gasoline at Earl's Service at the Los Angeles Farmers Market at Fairfax and 3rd Street. The company shifted from drilling to distributing oil and gas and was sold to Mobile Oil in 1943.

Historic 'Marquez Filling Station' in Santa Monica
West End filling station built in 1924 by Perfecto Marquez 100 Octane Canyon Service at 507 Entrada Drive in Santa Monica.

Hollywood Riviera Carwash
Hollywood Riviera Carwash est. 1976 in Redondo Beach at 1500 S. Pacific Coast Highway.

Richfield Gas Station in Glendale
Historic streamline modern Richfield Gas Station since 1936 at 1020 E. Palmer Street.
Today the Adams Square Mini Park in Glendale.

Van Nuys Carwash
Carwash in Van Nuys. Automatic for the People in the San Fernando Valley of California.


Sycamore Garage, Carondelet Garage, Elevator Garage, Pacific Mutual, Pacific Motor Service, Pan Gas on Santee, Downtown May Co., Davis Garage, Mariposa Garage, Metropolitan Garage, Van Nuys Building, Firestone, General Petroleum, Office + Parking, Public Parking, L.A. County Health Services, AON Center, Alameda Garage, Los Angeles Times, Executive Parking, Broadway Mall, Citi-Corp, Broadway + Spring Center, L.A. Times Employee, Parking Structure, Jewelry District, Pasadena, St. Vincent Jewelry Center, Thousand Oaks, Santa Monica.

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Cars on a Parking Structure in Glendale
Cars parking on top of a parking structure of an automobile dealership in Glendale.