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Village Green

Baldwin Hills :: Los Angeles
Baldwin Hills :: Los Angeles :: California

Baldwin Hills Village :: Los Angeles photo gallery
Village Green by architect Reginald Johnson with Lewis Wilson, Edwin Merrill and Robert Alexander completed this Baldwin Hills Village between 1935 and 1942 during the Roosevelt administration. Clarence Stein, consulting architect, contributed to the planning and development of the site layout, which reflects an innovative and humanistic approach in community housing for the automobile age, the Radburn Plan.
Location: 5300 Rodeo Road, Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles

Wyvern Wood Housing Project

Wyvern Wood 1938 by architects David J. Wetmore + Loyal Watson
Wyvern Wood :: East 8th + Soto :: Los Angeles :: California

Wyvern Wood :: Boyle Heights :: East Los Angeles photo gallery
Wyvern Wood Housing was the first affordable public housing project in the Los Angeles area 1938 by architects David J. Wetmore and Loyal Watson. Location: East 8th Street + Soto + South Grande Vista in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

William Mead Homes

William Mead Homes :: 450 units on 15 acres
William Mead Homes

William Mead Homes
William Mead Homes are 450 units of public housing on 15 acres 1942 designed by architects Walker + Eisen, Armando Monaco and Marsh Smith + Powell. Located at 1300 Cardinal + North Main Street + Elmyra Street. Downtown L.A., California

Mar Vista Tract :: The average size of the houses was 1,100 square feet

Mar Vista Tract :: The sales price of the homes was about $12,000
Mar Vista Tract :: Landcape designer Garrett Eckbo used a large number of Magnolia, Melaleuca and Ficus trees to create a park-like atmosphere

Mar Vista Tract :: Gregory Ain's Mar Vista Tract became the first post-war modern historic district in the City of Los Angeles a.k.a. Historic Preservation Overlay Zone / HPOZ
Mar Vista Tract cost efficient housing and modern architectural design developed 1947 by architects GregorY Ain, Joseph Johnson and Alfred Day around Moore, Meier and Beethoven Streets in West Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Lincoln Place is an intact example of the low and moderate income rental housing built in Los Angeles after WW II in response to a severe housing shortage

Lincoln Place :: 800 rental units on 33 acres

Lincoln Place :: Modernist elements make each building and its surrounding courtyards visually unique
Lincoln Place is a wonderful modernist garden apartment complex 1950 by architects Ralph Vaughn + Heth Wharton located at Elkgrove and Rose Avenues along Lincoln Boulevard in Venice L.A. California

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Tract housing is a development style in which multiple identical, or nearly identical, homes are built. Tracts are typically found in american suburbs. As a tract housing development only makes use of a few designs, labor costs are reduced because the builders need only learn the skills of constructing a single home design, which can be applied to the other tract homes in the development.

The materials used in the home are ordered in bulk, reducing materials costs. Components such as roof trusses are fabricated in factories and installed on site. These practices reduce the final price of the homes, and makes the developers very happy. Architect designed neighborhoods have changed the face of tract housing. While early tract houses were virtually identical, builders have managed to create an illusion of uniqueness in their neighborhoods: Two homes built next to each other might be identical in layout, but have different external facades.