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Deposit Services 1971
City National Bank deposit services seven days a week 24 hours a day at 1801 West Olympic Blvd.

Olympic-Union 1966
Superunknown downtown Los Angeles pre-fab concrete structure with shops at ground level locates at 1543 W. Olympic Boulevard.

Arden Medical Building and Pharmacy Glendale
Arden Medical Center

Wall Street Wholesale
At number 413 the 1912 Wall Street Wholesale building with medieval style pinnacle architecture.

Central Avenue 2001 building
Shed building at 130 -138 South Central Avenue.

Kelite Corp.
The Kelite Corporation was a manufacturer of industrial steam cleaning equipment and chemicals at 1250 North Main and Elmyra Streets.

Biltmore Garage
The 1924 Biltmore Garage at the southeast corner of Olive + 4th Streets in Los Angeles.


Distributing Station on Santee Street
City of Los Angeles Distributing Station 34 Department of Water and Power 1027 Santee St.

Shops on Santee Street
Fashion Shops along 1031 -1035 Santee Street

ADM Textile Co. on Santee Street
The ADM Textile Co. building 821 Santee Street

Norton buildings
The Norton Building at 757 Los Angeles Street and a warehouse store for suits at number 761

IOF California
Ornament reads IOF CAL at 1329 S. Hope Street

South Park

California Hospital
The California Hospital Medical Center red brick building in around South Park's 14 th Street

Hotels on 7th Street
The 1910 LYNDON HOTEL at 413 E. 7th Street under construction for 52 units of single room occupancy housing in the Fashion District.
The HOTEL MADISON at 423 East Seventh St.

Austin Hotel
The 1913 AUSTIN HOTEL at 526 E. 7th today the Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission of Los Angeles.

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1542 Portuguese sailor Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sails along the Californian coast and discovered Santa Monica Bay, found a densely populated region overhung by the smog of countless Indian campfires. He named it La Bahía de la Fumos, the bay of smokes. In 1602 Sebastián Vizcaíno, who also surveyed the coasts of Japan, discovered Catalina Island and San Pedro Bay. Don Gaspar de Portola, California's first governor, reached the area 1769. On August 1st the Franciscans celebrated the fiesta Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles Porciúncula. The next day they crossed a river and named him after this.
Mission San Gabriel was founded 1771 by Franciscans led by father Junipero Serra. In 1779 Felipe de Neve was assigned with the task of establishing more settlements. Every settler should get ground in the village and a piece of land outside. On september 4th 1781 the pueblo of Los Angeles was officially established.  1786 Official title to lands were conveyed to the settlers. Jose Vanegas was the first mayor.  1805 First american ship in San Pedro. Captain John Shaler visited the pueblo.  1817 First school was opened by retired soldier Maximo Pino.  1820 Joseph Chapman became the first american settler. 
1822 Mexico declares their independence. California gets a state.  1826 The first party reached Los Angeles overland: Jedediah Smith and his band of fur trappers.  1835 On May 23rd Los Angeles is raised to the status of a city.  1845 Los Angeles was made the capital of California.  1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on February 2nd acquired California for the United States of America.  1851 The first newspaper, the bilingual Los Angeles Star was published.  1853 The first hospital opened on upper Main Street.  1867 In Los Angeles County 1.500.000 gallons of wine and 100.000 gallons brandy were produced.  1868 Hayward & Company opened the first bank.  1877 Caroline M. Severance opened the first kindergarden.  1880 The University of Southern California was founded.  1885 The Santa-Fe Railroad reached Los Angeles. The first real estate boom began.  1892 Discovery of oil by Edward L. Doheny and Charles Canfield near Second Street / Glendale Blvd.  1897 First known automobile to appear in Los Angeles streets arrives, built by J.P. Erie.  1906 First motion picture studio was opened, L.A. gets its first movie theater.  1913 Los Angeles Aqueduct opened, a 235-mile water delivery system from the Owens Valley River.  1922 Radio broadcasting came to Los Angeles with the stations KFI, KHJ and KNX.  1928 Daily airline flights began between L.A. and San Francisco.  1939 The first TV station began operations.  1950 The first electric guitars, produced in quantity, were delivered from the Fender Electric Instruments in Fullerton.