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Male Body Language
Men and woman have a different body language: He is in the dominant position, Granny not.

Superheroes in Hollywood
Robin, Tourist Woman, Wonderwoman and Spiderman. Superheroes in front of the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

TV Interview on Broadway :: Downtown Los Angeles
A television reporter and her cameraman doing some work on a streets of Los Angeles.

Street photography within public places has a long tradition in America. Capturing people's portrait and the everyday life on the streets of Los Angeles with a digital camera evolved from walking around and doing a lot of documentary photos of L.A.'s architecture.

Jogger jogging on the Malibu Beach
Happy girl jogging along Malibu Beach on a wonderful morning with a cool Pacific Ocean breeze.

Laurel and Hardy at the Music Box Steps
Laurel & Hardy impersonators at the Music Box Steps festival 925 Vendome Street in Silver Lake.

Live Larger in Los Angeles
Sales Person sitting in front of a Live Larger poster on Union Street, selling papers.

Magnified News are good news....
Magnified News on the mezzanine floor of Clifton's Cafeteria on BroadwaY.

Mr. America at Echo Park Lake
Mr. America and his family taking an unhappy morning walk around Echo Park Lake.

Public phones in Los Angeles
Before the cellphone was the phonecell or public phone and the world also worked.

Picnic on Broadway
Picnic on Broadway: After an urban excursion or some shopping a meal is eaten outdoors.

Poncho - Jorongo - Sarape
A poncho is an woolen outer garment, once the typical dress of the Paracas, a Peruvian pre-Inca culture around 500 B.C.

Saxophone busker in Pasadena
Saxophone playing busker on the sidewalk of Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.

Jaywalking in Los Angeles
Everybody is jaywalking on the Streets of Chinatown and we really wonder what's so funny?

Search the Santa Monica Pier
Searching the Santa Monica Bay around the Pier for hidden treasures that are still waiting to be found along the Pacific Coast.

No Skateboards allowed!
No Skateboards allowed in front of the Lytton Savings Bank in Pomona where street photography and architecture meet.

Streetcar at 'The Grove'
Historic Streetcar at The Grove outdoor shopping mall at Fairfax Avenue + 3rd Street.

Superman impersonator in Hollywood
Superman and Batman impersonators kindly supporting Securityman during the Oscars on Hollywood Boulevard.

Los Angeles Conservancy Walking Tour
Doing a University of Southern California USC walking tour with Shannon: The Los Angeles Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recognition, preservation and revitalization of L.A.'s history, culture and architecture. Reservations online at www.laconservancy.org or call 213-623-2489 for tours of Angelino Heights, Art Deco architecture, Biltmore Hotel, Broadway Theaters, City Hall, Downtown Skyline, Highland Park, Historic Core, Little Tokyo, San Pedro, Spring Street or Union Station.

Photographer on Mount Hollywood
Photographer on Mount Hollywood taking a photo of the HOLLYWOOD-LAND on top of Mount Lee in Griffith Park sign during sunset.

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Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights
Mariachi music originated in Cocula, in the mexican state of Jalisco. Typical instruments are the guitarron and the vihuela. Mariachis are often hired to play at weddings mariage French for wedding. Plaza at East Los Angeles.