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Take my Picture!
Take my Picture! He suddenly appeared on 7 th Street early morning with the beaming sunrays.

Sixth Street Grill in Los Angeles
The 6th Street Grill on a boardwalk around Mc Arhur Park is only in operation by night.

Aquarium Rescue Unit of Los Angeles
Captain Lee of the Aquarium Rescue Unit testing his selfmade equipment at home on Vermont Avenue.

Street photography within public places has a long tradition in America. Capturing people's portrait and the everyday life on Los Angeles' streets with a digital camera evolved accidentially.

El Segundo Eagles
The El Segundo Eagles baseball team doing an uphill training on the only available hill.

Lawrence Mishler on his horse
Lawrence Doc Mishler with horse Chief Spirit and dog Czar riding along Pacific Coast Highway on their way to Crawford, Texas to meet President George W. Bush to talk politics.

Photographer Julius Shulman in Beverly Hills
Modernism Rediscovered by Julius Shulman. Book signing at the TASCHEN book shop Beverly Hills.

Recreational Angler at Santa Monica Bay
Recreational Anglers at Santa Monica Pier going for some fish like the Barred sand bass (Paralabrax Nebulifer), Kelp bass (Paralabrax Clathratus), Pacific mackerel (Scomber Japonicus), Pacific barracuda (Sphyraena Argentea), Pacific bonito (Sarda Chiliensis) or White croaker (Genyonemus Lineatus) 5000 + species of animals and plants call Santa Monica Bay their home.

Bird Man feeding Racing Pigeons
A friendly Bird Man is feeding some Racing Pigeons at the Textile and Fashion District.

Buy-Sell-Trade in Chinatown
Buy-Sell-Trade: Fresh oranges from the rear of a Pick-up Truck in the streets of Chinatown.

Cable Guy
The cable guy at work on the streets to connect the world with Los Angeles. Optical fibers are made of transparent plastic or glass and are used as a medium for long-distance telecommunications and computer networking.

Candyman selling Cotton Candy
Candyman selling Fairy Floss a.k.a. Candy Floss. National Cotton Candy Day is December 7th.

Chicano time trip at the El Pueblo de Los Angeles
Chicano time trip at the historic El Pueblo. A Chicano is a Mexican-American with a non-Anglo image of himself (Ruben Salazar).

LAFD Firefighters Engine 66
The Nishi Girl Scout Troop 1213 is visiting L.A.F.D. Firefighters Engine 66 at Little Tokyo. In 1910 Robert Baden-Powell set up the Girl Scouts as a parallel female movement to the Boy Scouts. Be prepared!
Los Angeles City Fire Department started in 1871 as volunteer department. In 1884 the Plaza Fire Station was built and in 1885 the Fire Department appointed Walter S. Moore as Fire Chief.

Fishing in the Echo Park Lake :: Los Angeles
Fishing at the Echo Park Lake water reservoir of Los Angeles. Between 1892 and 1895 the City created a public recreation park on 33 acres of land around the reservoir.

Guitar Player on Broadway
Guitar Player in front of the Million Dollar Theatre.

Hollywood Star Tours
Hollywood Star Tours sales person at the Bob Hope Square. The intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street here became famous in the 1920's for it's concentration of radio, movie and other entertainment related businesses. With Star Maps or guided celebrity tours you can visit the homes of movie celebrities and take a photo.

Hollywood and Vine Intersection in Hollywood
Hollywood was given its name by pioneers Mr. & Mrs. Horace H. Wilcox. They subdivided their ranch in 1887 and called two dirt crossroads Prospect Avenue and Weyse Avenue.

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Squirrel on barbed wire
Rocky the Flying Squirrel on a barb wire fence behind the Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard.