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Angelina in Los Angeles
Angelina at the corner of Broadway and Olympic Boulevard. In the beginning, I was surprised when people asked me to take their picture.

Angelino in Street Photography
Angelino at the downtown Fashion and Textile district. Nice to do photography and chat with the local people on and off the streets of Los Angeles.

A big fan of the Bohemian Grove
A big fan of the Bohemian Grove and the Bohemian Club north of San Francisco.

Chad Luckette on Sunset Boulevard L.A.
Good luck, Chad Luckette... whilst waiting for things to happen on Sunset Boulevard.

El Pedorrero Muffler Shop
El Pedorrero Muffler Shop at 4101 Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles for automotive repair and catalytic converters.

Blogger Eric Richardson in Los Angeles
Eric Richardson maintainig his Los Angeles Blog Downtown at the Starbucks Cafe of L.A. LIVE.

Jenna Didier' fountain in Silver Lake
Jenna Didier in front of her sculptural outdoor installation and water fountain in Silver Lake. Her company Fountainhead works in the field of water systems design and engineering.

Kevin Roderick in Los Angeles
Kevin Roderick and Judy after we had lunch at Nate 'n Al's Delicatessen in Beverly Hills. Judy is a photographer, Kevin runs the daily local media and politics blog L.A. Observed and wrote these fine books: The San Fernando Valley - America's Suburb; Wilshire Boulevard - Grand Concourse of Los Angeles.

Bill Bartlett singer and letter carrier in Silver Lake
Bill Bartlett is an opera singer and letter carrier for the United States Postal Service in Silver Lake.

Michel J. Locke
Michel J. Locke, a great friend, real estate expert.

Good Neighbours in West Hollywood
Good Neighbors and a cute dog in front of their house at the West HollYwood neighborhod.

Nostradamus on Colorado Boulevard
Nostradamus (1503 -1566) born Michel de Nostredame in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, inspired many to predict the end of the world. His book Les Propheties was first published in 1555 and has rarely been out of print since then.

In loving memory of Peter Thomas Burdusis - Riverside National Cemetery Section 63A Site 281
In loving memory of Peter Burdusis * 1931-07-17 † 2004-07-15.

Patrons at Philippe the Original
Journalist Ed Fuentes and me at Philippe the Original.

Purple Patrol in Los Angeles
The downtown Purple Patrol guide will answer all questions and provide directions to popular tourist destinations of Los Angeles.

Sean Casey and his Tornado Intercept Vehicle
Storm chaser and IMAX director Sean Casey in front of his selfmade Tornado Intercept Vehicle.

Snake Charmer on Broadway
A real snake and a snake charmer who really doesn't look like Indiana on a Broadway boardwalk in downtown Los Angeles.

Portrait of artist and sculptor Stephen Glassman
Sculptor and landscape artist Stephen Glassman in his garden in Venice of Los Angeles.

Bloodshot Tattoo
Bloodshot Tattoo and Piercing salesman on Hollywood Boulevard at Vine Street posing for the Los Angeles street photo gallery.

White Protestant Nation
White Protestant Nation a book about the rise of the American Conservative Movement, makes everybody smile at the saturday morning regulars' table at The Coffee Gallery 2029 Lake Avenue in Altadena.

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Tanya's Model Train at Griffith Park
Tanya in front of her model train in Griffith Park near the Los Angeles River.