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Vertical Training

What could be the possible link
between architecture and fitness?
Public stairs: A great cardio
workout burning a lot of calories!

Staircase circuit workout in Santa Monica
between Entrada Drive and Stassi Lane

Public stairs for Fitness

After going up and down my flight
of stairs three times a day, during
every lunch break, for almost two
month and enjoying the results
(e.g. weightloss) i wanted to learn
more about this vertical training:

My staircase has only 326 steps
and is much smaller than the world's
longest (most number of stairs)
in Switzerland, going up the Niesen
mountain with 11,674 stairs on
1723 meter, done in 55:55 minutes

In the net i found some information
about folks who run up the stairs
of a skyscraper, high-rise building
or a TV tower.
There are competitions worldwide
and a even an international ranking
list of staircase runners.

World's first TV Tower in my
hometown Stuttgart with 762
steps inside on 144 meter
...done in 4:05 minutes.

Stuttgart TV Tower

Another fine example how to burn
a lot of calories is the Taipei 101
in Taiwan with 2046 steps on 91
levels, done in 10:53 minutes.

So, what could be more fun than
running up inside a skyscraper ?

The downsides are: The stair is
crowded with dozens of other
runners, the stale air inside and
limited access for any training
during the year.


Now, what really caught my eye
was the outdoor emergency stairs
of mountain railways.
One with 2000+ stairs is only a
short drive away from my home
in the hills of the Black Forest:

Emergency Stairs
Emergency stair of the mountain
railway in Bad Wildbad going up
to the Sommerberg/ Black Forest

Unfortunately i found them also to
be not accessible during the year,
open only for the annual competition.
The next one will be in June 2013,
which gives me plenty of time to prepare...

Calories burnt...