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Stamford House
Stamford House was built in 1904 by architects Swan & McLaren as a commercial building. The former Oranje Bldg. was also used as hotel annex.

Anderson Bridge
The Anderson Bridge was opened 1910 and her three steel arches span across Singapore River. Today part of the Formula One street circuit.


Colonial-style building in Singapore
A colonial-style building built in 1910 in Singapore.

The Majestic Opera
Mr. Eu Tong Sen's historic cantonese opera house The Majestic 1927 by architects Swan & McLaren.

Shophouses of Singapore
Singapore's historic shophouses vanish more and more in favour of modern high-rise buildings and residential developments all over the city.

Capitol Theater
Capitol Theatre 1929 by Keys & Dowdeswell Architects. Once a premier picture palace with live variety shows.

A preserved Police Station
The neo-classical style Police Station on Old Hill Street was built in 1933 and now has 911 colourful windows. The main courtyard has been converted into an ARTrium for artistic perfomances, public art, art galleries and art shows.

Tiong Bahru Estate
The pre-war Tiong Bahru estate was built in 1936 for the upper-class. Apartment renovations have to follow the strict conservation guidelines of the Urban Redevelopment Authority.


Singapore's modern housing
The streamline style Tiong Bahru post-war flats were built in 1948 by the Singapore Improvement Trust SIT with a staircase looking like balconies.

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Singapore's Custom's House
Singapore's Custom's House with lookout tower was built in 1968 at Collyer Quay. A police division watched one of the world's busiest harbors. Hundreds of officers in speedboats were doing cargo examination on suspicious ships.