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Homes and Residences of 1920 Canfield-Moreno Estate, How House, Sachs Apartment, Garbutt House. House 1930 Wilson House, Rene Faron Residence, Walker Residence, Lipetz House, Islamic Revival, Koblick House, Skinner House. All buildings and structures are sorted by year of design or construction. Ross House, Bubeshko Apartments, Meyers House, Daniel's House, Becker House, Westby House, Rowe Residence, Falk Apartments.


Building 1940 Lautner House, Haven of Rest, Hopman's Residence, Sokol House, Avenel Cooperative Housing, Micheltorena Residence, Neutra Architectural Office. Apartment 1950 O'Neill Apartments, Jacobson House, Silvertop, Ross House, Astro Family Restaurant, Single Family Residence, Fernwood Houses, Zeller House. Duplex 1960 Akai House, Silver Lake Duplex, Research House. Studio 1970 Barton Choy Residence, Marylin Choy Residence. Homes 1980 Fernwood Avenue House, Maltman Avenue House. Modern Architecture 1990 Cynthia Ashford House, Larissa Drive, Kaplan Residence, Kiyohara Moffitt Homes, David Hyun House. Real Estate 2000 Lexton-MacCarthy Residence, Mark Spohn Residence, Campbell-Machado House, Fin House, Silver Lake Hills Home, Wong Residence, Southern Design Studio, Duane Street Residence, Park House, McDowell House. Silver Lake Houses 2005 Neubert House, Vidal Residence, Occidental Apartments, Sean Briski Residence, Gustavo Gubel Residence, Auburn Seven, Cafe Intelligentsia, Fin House, Silverlake Library, Swan Place, Warner Residence, Corralitas Drive, Stirton Residence.


33% Grade Street, Craftsman House, Density Fields sculpture, Silver Lake Bungalows, Elevado de Castillo, Music Box Steps, Pho Cafe, Shakespeare Bridge, Silver Lake Reservoir, TIKI Land, West Olive Substation, Yakuza Lou Kinetic Sculpture.


The Silver Lake News, Design Vidal.


The architecture of Silver Lake developed hand-in-hand with the film industry. Like a mighty wave, the creative individuals captivated by the magic of Hollywood were drawn by the thousands to Southern California to make their mark seeking employment but also needing a place to call home.
The beautiful hillsides of Hollywood, Los Feliz and Silver Lake were often the prefered locations for these early pioneers. As Los Feliz and the Hollywood Hills became too pricey, homebuyers and renters looked eastward towards Silver Lake.
The same time, as new architectural styles were coming into fashion, architects who were designing them found greater acceptance for their often avante garde designs in the cultural mix of Los Angeles.
As a result, the works of modernist pioneers Gregory Ain, Rudolph Schindler, Raphael Soriano, John Lautner and Richard Neutra are literally sprinkled throughout the hillsides.

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