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Air Mail / Mailbox Los Angeles
Air Mail mailbox in Los Angeles.

Wooden Bikini Beauty sculpture in Venice Beach
Wooden sculpture of a Bikini Beauty at a Garage Door in Venice Beach, California.

Bling-Bling Rim Shop in Los Angeles
BLING-BLING chrome rims shop in Los Angeles.

Hand Carwash on Ventura Boulevard / Los Angeles
Hand Carwash sculpture on Ventura Boulevard with a giant hand holding a car.

Artificial Cell Phone Pine Tree
Artificial Cell Phone pine tree in Lincoln Heights.

Cell Phone Palm Tree :: Lincoln Heights
Artificial cell phone Palm Tree in Los Angeles.

XXL Chair at the Los Angeles Furniture Mart
Oversize XXL Chair at the L.A. Furniture Mart. Wood sculpture as public art on a parking lot.

Giant Coca-Cola Bottle / Los Angeles
XXL Bottle since 1941 at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company at 1334 South Central Avenue.

Welcome to El Segundo
Welcome to El Segundo street sign on Imperial Highway 75 years 1917 -1992.

Newspaper Boxes
22 Newspaper Boxes on both sides of 7th Street.

Olvera Street Cross
The wooden Olvera Street Cross at the historic El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Park.

Point Mugu Weapon Division
Naval Air Warfare Center of California and the Point Mugu Weapon Division proudly presents some weapons to protect e.g. Los Angeles.

Sister Cities of Los Angeles
1959 Eilat, Israel. 1959 Nagoya, Japan. 1962 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. 1964 Bordeaux, France. 1967 Berlin, Germany. 1968 Lusaka, Sambia. 1969 Mexico City, Mexico. 1971 Busan, Korea. 1971 Auckland, New Zealand. 1972 Bombay(Mumbai), India. 1979 Taipei, Taiwan. 1981 Guangzhou, China. 1984 Athens, Greece. 1984 Tehran, Iran. 1986 Vancouver, Canada. 1989 Giza, Egypt. 1989 St. Petersburg, Russia. 1990 Jakarta, Indonesia. 1991 Kaunas, Lithuania. 1992 Makati, Philippines. 1993 Split, Croatia. 2005 San Salvador, El Salvador. 2006 Ischia, Italy. 2006 Beirut, Lebanon.

Lockheed F-104D at George Izay Park in Burbank
Lockheed F-104 Starfighter 2-seat combat trainer grounded at George Izay Park in Burbank, California.

The Star-Spangled Banner
The Star-Spangled Banner is also the national anthem of the United States of America written 1814 by Francis S. Key.

Historic Street Clock in Lincoln Heights
Historic Street Clock at 2421 N. Broadway est. in 1910 the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce.

Locomotive model train / Los Angeles
Delaware & Hudson locomotive in Calabasas.
One-third scale model built for the 1939 New York World Fair exhibit.

Velero III research vessel / USC Los Angeles
Model of Captain G. Allan Hancock's research vessel Velero III University of Southern California.

Wish Tree of Pasadena
Wish Tree 2008 installation by art Yoko Ono an Imagine Peace public art project at One Colorado Courtyard in Pasadena.
You Are Here signs can be found everywhere around the globe, at public places like airports or shopping malls and are a great help for orientation. the Los Angeles photo galleries

Bronze sculpture 'Into the Future Together' by artist Donal Keohane
Into the Future Together by sculptor Donal Keohane 11830 Wilshire Boulevard.

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