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Exchange - HEPA air filter installation by An Te Liu
Exchange installation by artist An Te Liu shows a stack of HEPA Aircleaner as sculptural art (high efficiency particulate air filter).

Airplane Parts sculpture
Airplane Parts sculpture 2001 by Nancy Rubin at the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

Anthropomorphic Echoes SculptureAnthropomorphic Echoes 1984 by artist Miki in memory of Max N. Benoff at UCLA the University of California in Los Angeles.

Sculpture 'Four Arches' by Alex CalderFour Arches sculpture 1974 by artist Alexander Calder on Bunker Hill.

Gateway Art Tower by architect Eric Owen Moss / Culver City
Gateway Art Tower 2008 by architect Eric Owen Moss at Conjunctive Points Development in Culver City.

Stone Gabion and Bamboo sculpture by Stephen Glassman
Stone gabion with bamboo sculpture by Stephen Glassman. Landscape Art and Place studio garden in Venice.

Bamboo Synapse Sculpture 2007 by Joyce Kohl :: Los Angeles Public Art
Bamboo Synapse sculpture 2007 by Joyce Kohl at City Center on 6th Street and Wilshire Blvd.

Bicycle Rack :: Downtown Los Angeles
Bicycle Rack sculpture 1995 designed and built at SCIARC The Southern California Institute of Architecture in cooperation with LADOT and the Redevelopment Agency in front of The Geffen Contemporary Museum at MOCA.

Metal Cone Sculpture by Cosimo Pizzulli
Metal Cone 1995 by architect and artist Cosimo Pizzulli at the Bank of America Building on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

The Conversation
Public Art in Beverly Hills The Conversation bronze sculpture 1987 by sculptor Alex McCrae.

Sculpture 'Dance Door' commissioned by Frederick and Marcia Weisman
The Dance Door cast bronze sculpture 1978 by Robert Graham was commissioned by Frederick and Marcia Weisman for the L.A. County Music Center Plaza in downtown Los Angeles.

Density Fields Sculpture
Density Fields outdoor installation 2007 by architects Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu at Materials & Applications 1619 Silver Lake Boulevard.

Sculpture DNA Bench and The Aerial
DNA Bench and The Aerial with 1578 gold and palladium balls at the California Science Center near USC.

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Family Baroque sculpture
Family Baroque sculpture 1992 Bill Barrett
at Southern California Edison Headquarters.