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A Rose for Lilly ...the Lillian Disney memorial fountain was designed by architect Frank O. Gehry and made of broken Royal Delft porcelain applied by Tomas Oshinski and his team.

Bell of Dolores / El Pueblo de Los Angeles
Replica of the Bell of Dolores which Father Hidalgo rang on September 16th 1810 to start the Mexican Revolution 1979 by Eduardo Carrillo at the Pueblo de los Angeles.

Colpo d' Ala pool sculpture
Colpo d' Ala pool sculpture 1988 by sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro on top of the Department of Water and Power parking garage structure.
Floodlight Fountain in Downtown Los Angeles
Floodlight fountains at the Department of Water and Power building. The pool is an integral part of the DWP air conditioning system.

Sculpture 'Double Ascension'
Herbert Bayer's Double Ascension sculpture 1973 ARCO Plaza 535 S. Flower St. Los Angeles.

Eleanor Chambers Memorial Fountain
Deputy mayor Eleanor Chambers memorial fountain by artists Howard E. Troller and Hanns Scharff. Dedicated 1973 by Mayor Sam Yorty at the Los Angeles Civic Center

Flint Memorial Fountain :: Los Angeles
Senator Frank P. Flint memorial fountain 1932 designed by Henry S. MacKay pumps 100 gallons of water each minute on the south lawn of City Hall Los Angeles.

Mobile sculpture by Alexander Calder
Hello, Girls painted metal mobile sculpture in a water pond 1964 by Alexander Calder at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Martin Luther King Memorial
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968) memorial 1978 by Gerald Gladstone and Harold L. Williams located in the heart of the City of Compton.

Hollywood's Muse of Music sculpture
Hollywood Bowl fountain sculpture Muse of Music 1938 by George Stanley. WPA public art project made of Victorville granite.

Statue 'Peace on Earth' by Jacques Lipchitz
Peace on Earth sculpture 1969 by Jacques Lipchitz at the Performing Arts Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Sculpture 'Source Figure' by Robert Graham :: Downtown Los Angeles
Source Figure cast bronze sculpture 1991 sculptor Robert Graham.

Sculpture 'The Power of Water' in Los Angeles
The Power of Water sculpture at LaFayette Park 1934 by Henry Lion with Jason Herron and Sherry Peticolas. Works Progress Administration WPA commission at Wilshire Boulevard and Hoover Street.


Bunker Hill Steps, Civic Center Esplanade, Pioneer Memorial Waterfall, Grace E. Simons Lodge, La Brea Tar Pits, Mac Arthur Park Lake, Maguire Gardens, Mulholland Fountain, Silver Lake Fountain, Water Court.

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Water cooling fountain in Pasadena
Water cooling fountain with 500 gallons per minute in Pasadena designed in 1938 by Harold H. Lewis as cooling unit of the generator air cooling system of the Glenarm Power Plant.