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Public Art in the City of Glendale
Law. Liberty. Justice. Freedom. ceramic sculpture 1958 by sculptor George Stanley at the Glendale County Building.

Bas-relief Frieze designed by sculptor Manuel Paz
Frieze 1978 by Manuel Paz at the George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries on Wilshire Blvd.

The 'Graduation Day' on Figueroa Street
Graduation Day brick bas-relief at the USC Galen Center 2006 by Dean and Jay Tschetter. Public Art in honor of Steven and Kathryn Sample from Ralph and Sigrid Allman at the University of Southern California.

Relief 'The History of World Commerce' by sculptor Tony Sheets
The History of World Commerce relief 1972 by Tony Sheets inside of the Los Angeles World Trade Center at 333 Figueroa Street.

A Tribute to the Memory of Jack Black
A tribute to the memory of Jack Black (1904 -1954) Co-Founder of the Black & Sons finest Woolens and Tailoring Supplies Company.

Justice relief by sculptor Donal Hord
Justice relief 1956 by sculptor Donal Hord. Public art at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Mural 'Los Angeles Evolves' by artist Tony Sheets
Los Angeles Evolves relief mural 1988 by Tony Sheets at the Broadway Spring Center parking structure.

Relief by sculptor Tony Sheets
Los Angeles Grows relief mural 1988 by Tony Sheets at the L.A. Times Broadway parking structure.

Seal of the City of Los Angeles
Seal of the City of Los Angeles: Lion of Leon and the Castle of Castile under Spanish control 1542 to 1821. Eagle holding a serpent, represents the period of Mexican sovereignty between 1822 and 1846. Bear Flag of the California Republic of 1846. Sprays of Olive, Grape and Orange surrounded by a rosary. The city seal was designed by Assistant Deputy City Attorney Herbert L. Goudge in 1905.

Metropolitan Water District MWD
Seal of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California at the MWD Headquarters on Alameda Street (Member agencies: Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Compton, Fullerton, Glendale, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Fernando, San Marino, Santa Ana, Santa Monica and Torrance).

Biddy Mason Park
Biddy Mason Park time and place wall 1990 by artist Sheila de Bretteville and House of the Open Hand by Betye Saar at 332 South Broadway. Biddy Mason (1818 -1891) was an ex-slave and midwife who became a real eastate tycoon.

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Marilyn Monroe a.k.a. Norma Jean Baker
Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe was born 1926 in the Los Angeles General Hospital, baptized Norma Jean Baker at Echo Park Angelus Temple.