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Clock Tower :: Civic Center Los Angeles
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of sister cities ties with Los Angeles the citizens of Nagoya, Japan present this clock tower in the spirit of everlasting goodwill.

Dennis Woodruff's Automobile on the streets of Los Angeles
Movieman Dennis Woodruff's famous van in front of the Melrose Avenue Starbucks Cafe.

The expanding Hypar sculpture...
The Expanding Hypar by Chuck Hoberman is a hyperbolic paraboloid kinetic sculpture inside the California Science Center of Los Angeles.

Skywriting above Los Angeles on 2005-11-29
Mysterious Skywriting above the City of Angels
Writings in the sky 2005-11-12 :: Los Angeles :: California
Writings in the Californian sky 2005-11-12.

YAKUZA LOU outdoor installation
Yakuza Lou outdoor installation in Silver Lake 2008 by Eddy Sykes. Oliver Hess the Co-Director Materials & Applications standing in front of the moving and unfolding artwork.


Fiber Optics A_TRAIN Sculpture
A Train fiber optics sculpture at the Union Station Gateway Center 1996 by Bill Bell.

Electroland Interactive Display
Electroland's light display is triggered by interactive floor tiles in the MET Lofts lobby.

Neon Art 'Motordom' by artist Keith Sonnier
Motordom neon art 2004 by Keith Sonnier at the courtyard of the Caltrans Headquarters building.

Neon Tubes Art
Neon Tubes arranged by the building's caretaker to make the FOR LEASE notice more interesting.

Sculpture 'Triforium' in Downtown Los Angeles
Triforium 1975 by Joseph Young the first public sculpture to integrate light and sound by the use of a computer.

Urban Light installation by artist Chris Burden
Urban Light installation 2000 by artist Chris Burden 202 vintage streetlamps at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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The Cornfield as living sculpture
The Cornfield a 32 acre living sculpture in the form of a field of corn 2005 by artist Lauren Bon. California Department of Parks and Recreation.