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Giving water as charity
In islamic countries charity begins at home and provoding a cold drink to anyone passing by extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire. This was the idea behind numerous faucets along the streets of Doha on the public side of boundary walls of villas in the residential areas

Water faucet
The water sabeel, which means a continuous flow of water in Arabic, is a form of hospitality with a long tradition going back to the prophet Mohammed. And each time someone drinks, it is like giving charity

Water tap
On global scale, millions of people lack access to clean drinking water

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Water tower
The distribution of clean water with pressure is as important as the desalination process. The inverted conical type was designed 1965 by swedish architect Sune Lindström of Vattenbyggnadsbyran VBB

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Fish market in Doha
Seabram fish is sold fresh out of the water at the Corniche market in Doha. Through desalination plants, the Persian Gulf is source of all drinking water in the Emirate of Qatar