Modern architecture in Doha, Qatar

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SKYSCRAPER and BUILDING Skyscraper, Residential Tower and high-rise buildings, Qatar's Style Buildings, Modern Architecture, Under Construction, High-rise Structure.
ACCOMMODATION and HOTEL Hotels and Apartments, Beach Hotel and Tourist Resort.

Doha is the capital city of the state of Qatar, an arab emirate occupying a small peninsula in the southwest of the Persian Gulf. Ruled by the house of Al-Thani since it's founding in 1878 Qatar gained independence in 1971.

MUSEUM of ISLAMIC ART on an island, Persian Carpet, Earthenware, Fritware, Metalwork, Tile, Permanent Collection, MATHAF Qatar Museum of Contemporary Art.

PUBLIC and GOVERNMENT Post Office, Ministry of Interior, Sports City, Education City, University, Doha Convention Center.

HISTORY Doha developed from a quiet fishing and pearl diving harbour to a major exporter of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas). Qatar's focus is also on international sport events: After hosting athletic and tennis championship tournaments, Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

MAP and TERRITORY Corniche Panorama, City of Doha, Downtown, Historic Souq, Qatar Desert, Futuristic UFO Residence, Mosque.

ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENT Stairwell, Pre-fab strucures, Concrete frame buildings, Prefab facades, Arch, Ornament, Tent, Water.

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Qatar Architecture