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Doha Skyline
Coming from a traditional islamic culture, Doha is now changing into an international city with a foreign workforce.
Friday weekend
Friday is the one day in the week everybody can meet in downtown an go to the souk.
Friday weekend in the souk
There are busses from Ras Laffan and other worksites Doha Police

Dohaland's future project Musheireb will transform the historic downtown area of Doha into a modern center. But Qatar's historical architecture and local construction techniques are a great inspiration for the architects of the initial phase: Adjaye Associates, Allies + Morrison, Dar Al Omran, John McAslan and Mossessian.


Modern architecture in Doha / Qatar
The Museum of Islamic Art was designed in 2000 by architect I.M. Pei and is situated on a man-made island in Doha's lagoon. The building's architecture was inspired by the Ahmad Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo