Qatar Tower / 52-storey
The residential Qatar Tower by CEG Architects

Al Baker Towers under construction
Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz Al Baker Twin Towers
with 51-floors office space 2010 Mimar Design

International Islamic Tower
The 45-storey International Islamic Tower at
Doha's West Bay 2009 by DARA Engineering

Al-Faisal Tower
Insulated aluminium cladding at the façade of
the 52-storey Al Faisal office tower in Al Dafna
nearing completion 2010. The urban landmark
was designed 2006 by the consulting bureau Diwan-Al-Emara or House of Architecture.

New Construction in Doha
The Abdullah Abdlghani Commercial Tower
under construction by MZ & Partners Architects

The Palm 57-storey skyscraper
Palm Skyscraper under construction in 2009

A Jean Nouvel designed Skyscraper
The Islamic-style mashrabiya elements provide
solar protection to the curtain wall glass facade
Tower 2007 designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel

BacK  |  HomE  |  MorE

Dubai Tower by RMJM Architects
The Dubai Tower under construction with five
basements, groundfloor and mezzanine below
90 storeys by architects RMJM Robert Matthew
Johnson Marshall