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The opening of the trade routes between Europe and Persia and the 1873 Vienna World Exposition played an important role in popularizing oriental rugs and the arts of the Islamic East and Turkey in the western world.

Holbein Carpet
Historic Three Star Holbein wool carpet made 1460 in Turkey. Hans Holbein the Younger was a German born painter who depicted oriental rugs in European paintings of the Renaissance.


Reciprocal Birds
Silk textile with reciprocal bird pattern 13th -15th century India.

Chessboard Carpet
The Timurid Chessboard Carpet silk and cotton early 15th century from Central Asia.

Dragon and Phoenix Carpet
A woolen Dragon and Phoenix carpet mid 15th century from Turkey

Spanish Carpet
Wool carpet 15thcentury Spain

Rosette Carpet
Rosette Carpet ca.1500 Turkey

Turkish prayer rug
Prayer Rug ca. 1525 Turkey

Schwarzenberg Carpet
Schwarzenberg Carpet woll and cotton 16th century Iran

Medallion Carpet
Rothschild Small Silk Medallion
mid 16th century, Kashan (Iran)

Carpet with animal pattern
Animal patter carpet, wool from western Turkey, 16th century

Ottoman Holbein carpet
Ottoman Holbein Carpet, wool 16th century Usak, Anatolia

Lotto Carpet
Lotto Carpet wool, 16th century Turkey. Lorenzo Lotto an italian Renaissance painter gave detailed depictions of oriental carpets in his paintings.


Silk Tapestry
The Franchetti silk tapestry. Silver wrapped silk thread ca. 1575 Kashan, Iran

Medallion carpet with animal patterns in wool on cotton, Iran (Persia), 16th century

Silk Carpet
Silk Carpet ca. 1600 century from Isfahan

Arabesque Rug
The Rothschild Polonaisearabesque rug with cotton, silk and silver brocade ca. 1600 Isfahan

Prayer Carpet
Safavid Persian prayer carpet rug from silk, wool and metal threads late 16th century Isfahan

Silk Carpet
Poland Carpet silk on cotton with gold and silver embroidery ca. 1615 from Isfahan

Silk Velvet
Safavid silk velvet panel early 17th century

Rhombic Carpet
Rhombic Carpet knotted wool 17th c. Bergama

Cushion Cover
Cushion Cover 17th century from Bursa, Turkey. Silver wrapped silk thread with velvet

Prayer Kilim from Konya
Prayer Kilim 17th century from Konya, Turkey

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Kevorkian Hydrabad Carpet
Kevorkian Hydrabad wool and cotton carpet, woven in India in the 17th century.