Modern Architecture high-rise Buildings and Skyscraper in the Emirate of Qatar


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Doha's Palm Tower / 245 meters
Palm Skyscraper 2006 designed by MZ Partners Architects

The Palm Skyscraper Doha / 57-stories
Palm Skyscrapers 2009 under construction in West Bay

Jean Nouvel designed Skyscraper
Tower 2007 designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Skyscraper with 'brise-soleil' facade
Islamic brise-soleil patterns on Jean Nouvel's skyscraper

Navigation Tower :: 52-stories
Navigation Tower 2005 by MZ & Partners Architects
Parking structure for a 52-story, 220 meter High-rise

Navigation Tower Doha
Navigation Tower 2005 MZ Partners Architects
52-story Office Building .220-meter High-Rise

Tornado Tower
QIPCO Holding 52-story Tornado Tower
2005 by CICO Consulting + SIAT Architects Munich

Tornado Tower
QIPCO Holding 52-story Tornado Tower
2005 by SIAT Architects Munich + CICO Consulting

Residential Tower
44 West Bay Residential Tower
2004 designed by MZ & Partners Architects

50-stories City Center Hotel
City Center Hotel Towers 2005 HOK Architects

Al Attiyah Tower
Al Attiyah Tower 2006 by RMJM architects
Robert Matthew Johnson Marshall (Scotland)

Al Madar Tower
Al Madar office tower at West Bay 2006 by GHD

Doha Residential Plaza
Lagoon Plaza 2005 MZ & Partners Architects

Yohan Tower (center)
Yohan Tower 2008 by SYNA Engineering Qatar

Al-Thani Tower / 38-floors
H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khaled Al Thani Tower

Qatar Financial Tower
Qatar Financial Centre Tower (photo center)
2004 designed by the Arab Engineering Bureau

Al Dana Tower
Al Dana Tower built 2004 by MZ & Partners
Conference Room inside a golden sphere

Golden Bay Tower
Golden Bay glass tower 2005 by MZ & Partners

Qatar National Bank / QNB Doha
Qatar National Bank with reflecting glass facade
QNB Building 2006 by MZ & Partners Architects

Al Saad Development
Al Saad Development on C-Ring Road
Office Tower 2006 MZ & Partners Architects

Al-Hitmi Towers in Doha
Al Hitmi Buildings at Doha's Corniche / Waterfront
2006 by architects NORR Consultants International

Al Bidda Tower 234 meter above Doha
Al-Bidda Tower 2005 by GHD Architects + Engineers
43-floors with a continually twisting glass curtain-wall

Al Maha residential Tower
Al Maha residential tower at West Bay
Islamic style 2005 by South West Architecture
Al-Maha islamic style tower

Al-Kubaisi Tower
Al-Kubaisi 14-story tower by CICO

Al Qassar Tower
Al Qassar Tower in classic architecture
designed by Arab Engineering Bureau

Al-Rabban residential tower Doha
Al Rabban Tower 2005 Arab Engineering Bureau

Woqod Tower / 30-floors
Woqod Tower of the Qatar Fuel Company
2007 designed by Romatre Projects Italy

Sara residential Tower
Sara Tower 2008 by MZ & Partners Architects

Al-Fardan Tower in Doha's West Bay
Al Fardan Towers 2005 by Arab Engineering Bureau

Qatar Tower / 52-stories
Qatar (residential) Tower 2009 by CEG Architects

Albaker Towers under construction
Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz Albaker Twin Towers
51-Floors office space 2010 Mimar Design

Dubai Tower by RMJM Architects
Dubai Tower by Robert Matthew Johnson Marshall
5 Basements + Groundfloor + Mezzanine + 90 Floors

International Islamic Tower
International Islamic Tower in Doha's West Bay

Under Construction in Doha / Qatar
Abdullah Abdlghani Commercial Tower under construction
One Diplomat Tower (right) 2005 MZ & Partners Architects

The Gate mixed-use development in Doha, Qatar
The Gate: mixed-use development in the West Bay business
district 2007 by MZ & Partners Architects and Hallcrow-Yolles

RasGas sister towers in Doha, Qatar
RasGas Headquarters and it's sister tower
the Qatargas building in the West Bay area

Qatar Cool's district cooling plant
The Qatar Cool district cooling plant provides chilled water
through a network of pipes for air conditioning purposes

Doha's Medical City
Doha's Healthcare Complex Hamad
Medical City 2005 by Granary Asso.

Al-Seal Tower
Al Seal Tower 2005 by MZ & Partners

Ramada Plaza Hotel in Doha QATAR
Ramada Plaza 2006 W.S. Atkins Architects

Holiday Villa / Doha
Holiday Villa Hotel and Residences in Doha
at C-Ring Road 2005 by CEG Architects

W Hotel Doha
W 'Boutique' Hotel 2006 by MZ & Partners

City Centre Hotels in Doha / Qatar
City Centre Mall Hotel Towers 2005 HOK Architects

Hotel La Cigale
La Cigale 240-room boutique hotel at C-Ring road
Interior design + architecture 2004 Batimat (Beirut)

Doha's Hilton Hotel
Hilton's loneley West Bay Hotel Tower
2004 by Crang + Boake Architects

EZDAN Residental Complex
Al Dafna Towers Complex / Ezdan Residential
Plaza, had been built to house delegates of the
2006 Doha Asian Games .2004 MZ & Partners

Beverly Hills Tower
Beverly Hills Tower 2004 by GHD Architects

Khalifa Stadium in Doha .Qatar
Khalifa Stadium was built in 1976 and was upgraded
2003 by ARUP Sidney + Cox Richardson Architects

Gulf Tower
Gulf Tower 2003 Arab Engineering Bureau

Commercial Bank of Qatar
Commercial Bank Plaza 2003 by LOM Design

Al Sulaiti Tower
Al Sulaiti Towers 2002 by GHD Consultants

Liberal Arts .Qatar
Liberal Arts and Sciences Building in Qatar's Education City designed in 2002 by architect Arato Isozaki

Four Seasons towers
Four Seasons Towers 2002 by architects
Smallwood Reynolds Stewart Stewart

Al Aryam Tower
Al Aryam Tower designed by Khatib & Alami
at Conference Street for Dolphin Energy Ltd.

Qatar Telecom's Q-TEL Tower in Doha
Qatar Telecom's new 2001 Q-Tel Headquarters
Smallwood Reynolds Stewart Stewart Architects

Olypmpic Tower 28-story / 122 m
Qatar Olympic Committee Tower
completed 2002 .Al Hodaifi Bldg.

Bilal Suites Doha
Bilal furnished suites 2001 by GHD Consultants

Barzan Tower
Barzan Tower with islamic facade elements
1999 designed by Arab Engineering Bureau

Education Council of Qatar
Qatar Education Supreme Council Building
1999 designed by CICO Consultants

Doha's Carrefour Hypermarket
Carrefour Shopping Mall 1999 by GHD Architects

Salam Towers
Salam Towers built as British Bank building and
Q-Tel Tower 1996 by architects Rice Perry Ellis

Doha Palace .Amiri-Diwan
The Doha Palace a.k.a. Diwan Al-Amiri in Qatar 1983 by Rader Mileto Batori Architects

Sheraton Hotel in Doha
The Sheraton was one of the first big hotels in Qatar, designed in 1980 by architect William L. Pereira

Sheraton Hotel in Qatar

Qatar Monetary Agency
1980's building of the Qatar Monetary Agency

Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs with islamic façade

Hotel Room at the Ramada Plaza in Doha
The 1979 old east wing of the Ramada Hotel

Qatar Post
The general Post Office was designed 1979 by Twist + Whitley Architects U.K. to look like a pigeon loft
to symbolize the way messages were send in ancient times .Structural Engineering by Bingham Blades

Post Building in Doha
The fully mechanised general Post Office and Directorate General of Qatar with Public Hall containing all
public postal services and 25,000 P.O. boxes .With car park for 600 cars and a postal vehicle workshop

Ministry of Economy and Finance
Ministry of Finance HQ's extension designed
1979 by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange

Civil Defence HQ's in Doha
The General Administration of Civil Defence

Qatar Petroleum Building
Behind the new 'Oil Drop' façade we can
still see the original Qatar Petroleum HQ
building constructed in 1977 by CICO

Qatar Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Interior at Doha's Corniche constructed 1976 with prefab-concrete elements

Ministry of the Interior in Qatar
Ministry of Interior's octagonal administrative Annex

Ministry of Information .Qatar
Ministry of Information with National Theater Complex
1979 by architects Triad CICO and Theatre Project Consultants

Doha's Mercure Grand Hotel
Another survivor of the 1970's in Doha
The Mercure Grand Hotel (ex-Sofitel)

Gulf Hotel .Doha
The good old Gulf Hotel north of Doha's Airport
1974 extension by Lebanese architect William Sednaoui

Doha's Clocktower
The famous Clocktower was constructed in 1956 by Darwish
Engineering on a roundabout in front of Doha's Diwan Al-Emiri

Historic Al Koot Fort in old Doha
Historic Al Koot Fort built around 1880 by Ottomans

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