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On september 4th in the year 1781 eleven families of Pobladores, 44 persons including children, arrived at this place from the Gulf of California to establish a Pueblo which was to become the City of Los Angeles.
This colonisation, ordered by King Carlos III. of Spain, was carried out under the direction of Governor Felipe de Neve.

Chicano Time Trip in California
Chicano Time Trip at the historic El Pueblo de Los Angeles. A Chicano is a Mexican-American with a non-Anglo image of himself... (Ruben Salazar).

Kiosko at the El Pueblo de Los Angeles
Kiosko built 1962 as wrought-iron gazebo in the center of the historic El Pueblo de Los Angeles Plaza.

After years of decay Christine Sterling, the mother of Olvera Street fell in love with an adobe building of this historic village and began to develop this seedy area into a Mexican-style tourist attraction. El Paseo de Los Angeles historic monument was established on April 19th, 1930 for tourism and education.

Olvera Street Cross / El Pueblo de Los Angeles
The historic Olvera Street Cross.

Campo Santo of Los Angeles
The Campo Santo was Los Angeles' first cemetary (1826 - 1844) just next to the old Plaza Church.

Sostenes Sepulveda (1851-1924) House
Sostenes Sepulveda's 1898 commercial building at 425 N. Los Angeles Street was the location of Camillo Benso Cavour's Italian Restaurant 1916- 1928. Today the Chinese American Museum.

Cielito Lindo Mexican Restaurant
Cielito Lindo Mexican Restaurant was est. 1934 and serves Taquitos and Guacamole on Olvera Street.

Olvera Street at El Pueblo de Los Angeles

Olvera Street of Los Angeles
Olvera Street a.k.a. Wine Street a.k.a. Calle de los Negros with shopping stalls for tourists.

Zanja Madre
The Zanja Madre was the mother ditch of the Pueblo de Los Angeles from 1781 to 1904 to provide water for fields and domestic use.

Bell of Dolores / El Pueblo de Los Angeles
The Bell of Dolores which Father Hidalgo rang 1810-09-16 to start the Mexican Revolution. Replica 1979 by Eduardo Carrillo.

Sculpture of governor Felipe de Neve
Felipe de Neve (1728 -1784) Spanish Governor of California 1775 to 1782. Bronze sculpture 1932 by Henry Lion.

King Carlos of Spain
El Rey Carlos III. de Espana (1716 -1788) King Carlos the Third of Spain since 1759. Statue 1976 by Federico Coullaut-Valera.

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La Plaza since 1825 / El Pueblo de Los Angeles
La Plaza at the historic El Pueblo de Los Angeles.