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On september 4th in the year 1781 eleven families of Pobladores, 44 persons including children, arrived at this place from the Gulf of California to establish a Pueblo which was to become the City of Los Angeles.
This colonisation, ordered by King Carlos III. of Spain, was carried out under the direction of Governor Felipe de Neve.

Hellman-Quon Building in Los Angeles
The Hellman-Quon Building is a commercial brick structure built in 1900 by Isaias Hellman and sold to Chinese merchant Quon How Shing.

Plaza Substation at Olvera Street
Plaza Substation on Olvera Street constructed 1904 by E.S. Cobb for the Los Angeles Railway Co. to convert AC to DC electricity.

Italian Hall of Los Angeles
Italian Hall community center 1907 by architect Julius W. Krause at 644 N. Main Street with mural America Tropical on top 1930 by David Alfaro Siqueiros.

Hammel Building / Downtown Los Angeles
Hammel Building 1909 by architects
Hudson & Munsell. Today Casa de Sousa
offering mexican folk art and gifts for
visitors at 634 N. Main Street.

Historic downtown Los Angeles

Iglesia Santo Templo Los Angeles
The spanish colonial style Iglesia Plaza Methodist Church 1925 by architects Train & Williams.

Biscailuz Building in Los Angeles
Biscailuz Building est. 1926 Today the Instituto Cultural Mexicano at 125 Paseo de la Plaza in El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

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Mural 'Blessing of the Animals' by artist Leo Politi
Mural The Blessing of the Animals 1978 by artist Leo Politi at the Biscailuz Building.