John Parkinson :: The architect of downtown Los Angeles
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JOHN PARKINSON  the architect

Homer LauGhlin BuildinG
C.E. Kustor House
Continental BuildinG
O.T. Johnson BuildinG
Grant BuildinG
Susana Machado Bernard Residence
CarriaGe House
Hotel Green Annex
DistributinG Station
Fire EnGine House
Hotel Olive
Alexandria Hotel
Southern California Edison
Hotel Rose
Trustee Union
Brownstone Hotel
SecuritY BuildinG
Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
Bullock's DePartment Store
KinG Edward Hotel
Pacific Mutual Insurance
Yorkshire APartments
Canadian BuildinG
SPreckels Bros Warehouse
Bartlett Music
Alexandria Hotel annex
Los AnGeles Trust & SavinGs
Los AnGeles Athletic Club
Central Park
Rowan Office BuildinG
WashinGton BuildinG
Hotel RosslYn
BroadwaY DePartment Store
MetroPolitan FireProof
Crocker Bank
Citizens National Bank Pasadena
Ansonia APartments
SecuritY National Bank
Blackstone's French Salon
Ben Hur Coffee
Union Pacific Terminal
Jevne Retail GrocerY Store
Bovard Auditorium
SecuritY Pacific Bank
HiGhland Park Bank
Los AnGeles Memorial Coliseum
Science BuildinG
RosslYn Hotel Annex
Bullock's DePartment Store
Los AnGeles Gas + Electric
SecuritY Trust & SavinGs
School of AccountinG
Edwards WildeY + Dixon BuildinG
Student Union
Los AnGeles CitY Hall
Title Insurance & Trust
Wilshire-Westlake Medical
BridGe Memorial Hall
Bullock's Wilshire
Science Hall
SecuritY Trust & SavinGs HollYwood
SterlinG Plaza
California Bank
Southern California TelePhone
Federal Reserve
Hutton BuildinG
Title Guarantee & Trust
Union Station

1861-12-12 born in Scorton, England
1877 -1882 Apprentice as contractor
1888 Worked as stair-builder in Napa
1891 School buildings superintendent
and architect in Seattle
1894 Parkinson moved to Los Angeles
1896 Parkinson had designed the citys
first fireproof steel-frame structure
1904 Parkinson had designed LA's first
skYscraPer (tallest in town until 1928)
Then Parkinson's became the dominant
architectural firm for major structures
in Los Angeles
1935-12-09 John Parkinson died in L.A.

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