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Transformation through Education at the Library
Hand-painted tile mosaic Transformation through Education by artist Robin Strayhorn at the Miriam Matthews Hyde Park branch of the Los Angeles Public Library on Florence Blvd.

El ultimo Beso wallpainting
El ultimo Beso mural by artist Hector Ponce in Westlake in appreciation to Robin Duritz and a heart felt sentiment to the entire Latinos of the area sponsored by Metro Mall SwapMeet.

Mural 'Under the Bridge' by artist Ernesto de la Loza
Under the Bridge by artist Ernesto de la Loza at the Silver Lake + Sunset Boulevard underpass.

Mural 'Undiscovered America' Los Angeles
Undiscovered America mural by Earth Crew 1992 Public Art in the Arts District.

Doorway with 'Unexcelled' Coat and Arms tiles
Unexcelled coat and arms tile mural at the Royal Laundry Building 443 S. Raymond Avenue in Pasadena, California.

U.S. Air Force mural in El Segundo
U.S. Air Force mural at the parking lot of an UPS Store building in El Segundo.

D'funkd' at the Variety Arts Building
D'funkd advertising a giant wallpainting at the Variety Arts Building 940 S. Figueroa Street a.k.a. the Friday Morning Club.


Venice Plunge
Venice Plunge mural 2003 by artists Dilworth Segerblom Lucas.

Mural 'Venice Reconstituted' by artist Rip Cronk
Venice Reconstituted 1988 by artist Rip Cronk at the St. Charles Hotel on Ocean Front Walk.

Versace Mural in South Park
A Versace mural on a industrial warehouse building in South Park Los Angeles, California.

Virgin of Guadalupe
Virgin of Guadalupe the Reina de Mexico and Emperatriz de America on the Rivera Mini Market on Avenue 50 in Highland Park.

The Virgin's Seed
The Virgin's Seed mural 1991 by Paul Botello near Our Lady of Guadalupe church at 4018 Hammel Street.

I Love Lucy
Vitameatavegamin ...spoon your way to health I Love Lucy mural at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood. Episode 30 was filmed 1952-03-28.

Wallflower wallpainting
Giant Cabbage 1993 by Kim Grover. Wallflower at Olympic Boulevard + Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles.

Skid Row by Yreina Cervantez
A Rain Drop Falls From My Lips 1993 by artista Yreina Cervantez on a building in Skid Row.

The Workers of Los Angeles
The Workers mural by Art Zarate 1930 Echo Park Avenue + Duane Street in Silver Lake.

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You are the star of Hollywood
You are the Star mural 1983 created by Thomas Suriya at Hollywood Boulevard + Wilcox.