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Calle de la Eternidad
Calle de la Eternidad mural on Broadway 1993 by artist Johanna Poethig My steps along this street resound in another street in which i hear...

Capitol Milling
Capitol Milling Company est. 1883 by Jacob Loew and Herman Levi in downtown Los Angeles.

Casbah Cafe mural by artist Annie Sperling
Casbah Cafe mural 2002 by Annie Sperling at 3902 Sunset Junction + Hyperion in Silver Lake.

Mural 'Castellanos' by artist Juan Solis
Mural Castellanos 1994 by artist Juan Solis at the Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles.

Cecil Ferguson mural by artist Richard Wyatt
Tribute to Cecil Ferguson by Richard Wyatt at the Watts Towers of the Simon Rodia State Park.

Chagall Returns to Venice Beach
Mural Chagall Returns to Venice Beach 1996 by artist Christina Schlesinger 201 Ocean Front Walk Israel Levin Senior Center in Venice Beach.

Champions League by artist Hector Ponce
Soccer mural Champions League by artist Hector Ponce at the intersection of 7th + Union Streets, Los Angeles. Public Art with Maradona, Pele, Platini, Beckham, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Cruyff, Abel Xavier, Ruud Gullit and Torres.

Time Trip by Los Dos Streetscapers
Chicano Time Trip in Lincoln Heights 1977 by Los Dos Streetscapers: Wayne Healy and David Botello. A Chicano is a Mexican-American with a non-Anglo image of himself (Ruben Salazar).

Cherub by Blek le Rat
Stencil art Cherub playing the Violin by Blek le Rat 2008 at Sunset Boulevard + Maltman Avenue.

Venice Beach Chorus Line
Community mural Venice Beach Chorus Line 2004 by artist Rip Cronk on Ocean Front Blvd.

Los Angeles, the City of Dreams
Wallpainting Los Angeles, City of Dreams 1996 by Richard Wyatt at the Union Station East Portal.

City of Passion
Echo Park mural City of Passion at Lemoyne Street + Sunset Boulevard by Ernesto de la Loza. Lemoyne Street is named after Dr. William Le Moyne Wills (1853 -1933).

Metro Gold Line in East Los Angeles

Construction Fence Mural
Angel with Sears Building at First + Soto.
Construction fence murals along the Metro
Gold Line Expansion worksite in East Los Angeles.
Murals on Construction Fences
The Four Pillars: Faith, History, Trabajo, Familia 2005 by Man One for the Metro Art Program.
History mural with Ruben Salazar 1928-1970
Chesar Chavez, Miguel Arenas, Ruben Salazar.
Trabajo Mural

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Faith mural in Boyle Heights
Faith mural fence by Man One in Boyle Heights.