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Dolores del Rio
Dolores del Rio mural 1990 by artist Alfredo de Batuc 6529 Hollywood Boulevard + Hudson St.

Dearden's mural 1988 by artist Eloy Torrez
Generación trás generación, una tradición familiar desde 1910 Deardens Home Furnishings wallpainting 1988 by artist Eloy Torrez.

Mural by Hakob Jambazian
Dancers mural 2004 by artist Hakob Jambazian at the Civic Arts Parking Garage in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County. Sponsored by Maureen and Harry Selvin.

Mural 'Doge's Downtown' by artist Terry Schoonhoven
Mural Doge's Downtown 1978 by artist Terry Schoonhoven at St. Charles Hotel, Venice Beach.

DUSK painting from by artist Frank Stella
Downtown Los Angeles wallpainting Dusk of the 1992 Moby Dick series by artist Frank Stella at the Microwave Tower.

Earth Memories
Earth Memories ...timeline of the Universe 1996 by artists Eva Cockcroft, Edwin R. Perez, Eric Neiman, Jaime Reyes. Retaining wall a the intersection of Beverly Boulevard + Belmont Avenue.

Mural by artist Theresa Powers
Mural Echo Park - The World 1995 by artist Theresa Powers at 1300 N. Echo Park Avenue.

Ed Ruscha Monument
The wallpainting Ed Ruscha Monument 1980 by artist Kent Twitchell was destroyed in 2006.

Mural 'El Corrido de Boyle Heights' by artists David Botello, Wayne Healy and George Yepe
Mural El Corrido de Boyle Heights 1994 by East Los Streetscapers at 2336 Cesar Chavez Avenue. Margarito Gutierrez plays the fiddle, Il Piporro the accordion and Joe Alaniz is listening.

Mural 'El Corrido de Ricardo Valdez' by artist Juan Solis
El Corrido de Ricardo Valdez 1994 by artist Juan Solis at Mariachi Plaza, Boyle Heights.

Chevron Oil Refinery in El Segundo
El Segundo was the second (el segundo) Standard Oil refinery in this region of California.

Virgin of Guadalupe y Emperatriz de America
Virgin of Guadalupe mural Lincoln Heights.
La Reina de Mexico y Emperatriz de America.

Mural 'Endangered Species' by artist Emily Winters
Endangered Species with dolphins on the beach 1990 by artist Emily Winters on Ocean Front Walk.

Fairfax Community Mural
Fairfax Community Mural at Canter's Deli 1985 by Art Mortimer 419 N. Fairfax Avenue
Fairfax Community Mural
Depicting the history of Los Angeles Jews.

Mural 'Eyes' by artist Rueben Brucelyn
Eyes murals 1996 by Rueben Brucelyn at Sunset and Glendale Boulevard underpass in Echo Park.

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The Family of Man
Ceramic tile mural The Family of Man 1971 by Millard Sheets at the Los Angeles City Hall East.