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Virgin of Guadalupe mural at the Mariachi Plaza
Virgin of Guadalupe mural at the Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights. Emperatriz de America.

Mural 'The Greatest Love' 1992 by artist Paul J. Botello :: East Los Angeles
Mural The Greatest Love 1992 by Paul J. Botello at Cesar Chavez + Soto Street in Boyle Heights.

Virgin of Guadalupe
Virgin of Guadalupe tile mural at the Plaza Church in the historic Pueblo de Los Angeles. Patron Saint of Mexico, Reina y Emperatriz de America.

Harbor Freeway Overture by artist Kent Twitchell
Harbor Freeway Overture mural 1991 by artist Kent Twitchell. Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra at the CitiCorP Plaza parking structure at 8th Street + Freeway 110 in downtown Los Angeles.

Helms mural 2004 by artist Art Mortimer :: Culver City
Helms Truck History mural by Art Mortimer 2004 Public Art at Helms Olympic Bread Backery 8820 Venice Boulevard in Culver City.

Helms Coach Gone A Rye
Helms Coach Gone A Rye mural 2002 by Art Mortimer and Andrea Cohen Gehring.

Hollywood Goddess
Hollywood Goddess mural by the MAC at the Motion Pictures Arts Building 5504 Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue intersection.

Holy Trinity with the Virgin
Wallpainting Holy Trinity with the Virgin 1977 by Kent Twitchell at the Otis Parsons Art Institute at 2401 Wilshire Boulevard. Jan Clayton (Virgin), Clayton Moore (Godfather), Bud Andersen (Son).

Homeboy Industries in Boyle Heights
Homeboy Industries Jobs not Jails at the Fran and Ray Stark Center in Boyle Heights, East L.A.

Immaculate Perception
Immaculate Perception mural 1992 by artist Jill Ansell 1920 Marengo Street in Boyle Heights.

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In the Beginning was the Word
In the Beginning was the Word mural by John Zender Estrada in Highland Park, Los Angeles.