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Balboa Island mural
Mural Balboa with one big wave 1995 by artist Donald MacDonald. Orange County public art on Balboa Island, California.

Hugo Ballin's ceiling mural
Ceiling mural 1934 by Hugo Ballin inside of Griffith Park observatory and planetarium. Atlas, the Pleiades, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Argos, Stars, Comets and the Moon.

Becoming the Circle
Becoming the Circle ...a community parade 2002 by artist Francisco Letelier. Wallpainting at the old Pioneer French Baking Company on Rose Avenue, Venice Beach.

Mural in Koreatown / Los Angeles
Big Bowl of Rice finished, waiting for giant soy sauce packet 2005 by April Greiman in Koreatown.


Feel the Burn
Commercial mural Feel the Burn est. 2003 above a shop in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California.
On the same building 2005 sponsored by NISSAN
Surfing mural in Venice Beach
Old Wave Tony Corley Black Surfing Association founder and 1960's soul surfer. New Wave Andrea Kabwasa competing in uncharted waters.
Skechers Shoes with Ashlee Simpson in Venice Beach
Skechers Shoes and Ashlee Simpson in 2007 on the very same wall in Venice Beach.
Cali Gear by Skechers Shoes
Cali Gear mural 2008 on the Ocean Front Walk.

Venta de Boletos de Avion
Commercial mural wall Venta de Boletos de Avion at an travel agency in Westlake Park.

Brandelli's Brig Cocktail Bar in Venice Beach
Babe and Betty mural 1973 by artist Art Mortimer at Brandelli's Brig Cocktail Bar on Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach. Babe was a boxer in the 30's.

Bride and Groom mural for Carlos Ortiz :: Victor Clothing Co. Los Angeles
Bride & Groom mural 1972 by Kent Twitchell for Carlos Ortiz, Victor Clothing Co. on Broadway.

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Blessing of the Animals
Blessing of the Animals at the Biscailuz Bldg. 1978 by artist Leo Politi El Pueblo de Los Angeles.