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The Ultimate Fieldtrip
Mural The Ultimate Field Trip 2000 by artist Daryl E. Wells at the Hawthorne Airport Terminal.

The Farmer John Pig Mural
Farmer John Pig Mural a.k.a. Hog Heaven at the Clougherty Meat Packing Company at the intersection of Soto Street + Vernon Avenue. Artists 1957 -1967 Les Grimes and 1968 -1998 Arno Jordan. Since 1999 Philip Slagter.
Hog Heaven nural by artist Les Grimes
The Farmer John meat packing business in the City of Vernon was founded 1931 by Francis and Bernard Cloughert.

Father Hidalgo at the Church of Dolores
Father Hidalgo at the Church of Dolores ceramic tile mural 1979 by Eduardo Carillo at the historic Pueblo de Los Angeles.

Protection Trust Fidelity
Tile mosaic panels Protection - Trust - Fidelity 1928 by Hugo Ballin (1879 -1956) at 433 S. Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

Figueroa Hotel Wallpaintings

ESPN Brace Yourself
Mohr Sports ESPN Brace Yourself
Figureoa Hotel
Figureoa Hotel wallpainting: Think different
NBA All-Star Game
NBA All-Star Game 2004 Los Angeles 15 February
grand theft auto
Grand Theft Auto 2009 Liberty City episodes
Figueroa Hotel :: Season of the Fan
25 years ESPN Season of the Fan


Flamenca de las Rosas mural by
Flamenca de las Rosas mural 1994 by artist Annie Sperling at 3923 Sunset Boulevard.

Mural 'Freedom won't wait' by artist Noni Olabisi
Mural dedicated to Rodney King Freedom won't wait 1992 by artist Noni Olabisi.

Freeway Kids of downtown Los Angeles
The Freeway Kids mural 1984 by Glenna Boltuch Avila along the busy Santa Ana Freeway 101.

Gateway mural
Gateway mural 2008 by artists Louie Metz, Guia Avesani, Rob Malone and Brandt Marshall at the Myra Street underpass at Sunset Boulevard.

Ceramic Tile Relief / Los Angeles Public Art
Ceramic tile reliefs on the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services parking structure in the Arts District.
Ceramic Tile Relief

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History mural 'The Great Wall' by
The great wall of California's history 1976 -1984 directed by Judy Baca at Tujunga Wash.