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City of Los Angeles in 2000
City of Los Angeles in 2000 mural by Jim Doolin at the Metropolitan Transport Authority building.

City of Los Angeles in 1960
Los Angeles in 1960 with freeway intersection.

Los Angeles in 1910
Industrial city with lots of smoke in 1910.

City of Los Angeles in 1870
Mural of a green Los Angeles in 1870.

El mensajero de la Paz
Juan Pablo II el mensajero de la Paz mural by artist Hector Ponce at 2015 W. 7th Street.

Tile mural at the Headquarters of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Tile mural at the headquarters of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Monte Thrasher
Untitled mural by Monte Thrasher in Los Feliz at Vermont + Kingswell. Los Angeles Public Art.

Morning Shot - Jim Morrison mural in Venice BeachMorning Shot wall Jim Morrison on Speedway 1991 by artist Rip Cronk in Venice Beach.

LAPD Mosaic by Ben Mayer
To Protect and to Serve L.A.P.D. mosaic 1977 by Ben Mayer at the Public Works Central Facilities building in downtown Los Angeles.

Mural Dedicated to Mothers
A mural dedicated to Mothers 2900 Eastern Avenue. Public Art in East Los Angeles.

Movie Stars of Hollywood mural by Millard Sheets
Hollywood Movie Stars mural 1968 by Millard Sheets at Sunset Boulevard + Vine Street.

Native Americans WPA mural
Mural Native Americans by artist Boris Deutsch (1892 -1978) inside of the Termial Annex Building in downtown Los Angeles.

No Blood for Oil in Echo Park. What type of world are you buying into? Boycott your Lifestyle.

Nuestra Tierra que se Nos Fue
Nuestra Tierra que se Nos Fue 2000 by Hector Ponce at the Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles.

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El Nuevo Fuego by the East Los Streetscapers
El Nuevo Fuego wallpainting 1984 by East Los Streetscapers at the Victor Clothing Building at 242 S. Broadway.