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Remnants mural by artist Fabian Debora
The remnants of ancient tribal descendants Los que quedamos presente de nuestros ante parados 100 North Echandia Street in Boyle Heights.

No Remorse in Paradise
No Remorse in Paradise by various artists at Mac Arthur Park - Nuestra Madre - Virgen de Guadalupe.

The Reverend Phil AguliarThe Reverend Phil Aguliar mural 2001 by artist Yami M. Duarte and muralist Norma Montoya in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles Public Art.

Tile mural by Jay Rivkin
Tile mural by artist Jay Rivkin (1916 -2006) at the California Teachers Association building Central City West.

Sam's Market in Los Angeles
Sam's Market is good for Food Stamps, WIC Coupons, Bus Pass, Tokens, Beer, Wine and Liquor or ATM and Money Orders via Western Union in Los Angeles.

Mission Days in San Gabriel
Artful Mission Days mural 2001 by artist Donald Putman at the parking lot of the Mission Art Center in San Gabriel, California.

San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles
San Antonio Winery and Maddalena Restaurant commercial mural by Philip Slagter Art on a building at Lamar + Main Street Lincoln Heights.

Beach Mural by Art Mortimer
Santa Monica Beach mural 1998 by Art Mortimer on the Milken Foundation Parking Structure.

Sculpting another Destiny 2002
Sculpting another Destiny by Ricardo Mendoza 1571 Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

In Selena's Memory
In Selena's Memory mural artist Hector Ponce in Westlake. April 16th 1971 to March 31st 1995.

Shades of Chinatown
Shades of Chinatown mural by the Youth Leadership Council of Chinatown and Lincoln Heights with Steven Wong.

Sidewalk Terrazzo at Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria
Art Deco style sidewalk Terrazzo designed 1935 by architects Charles F. Plummer, Walter Wurdemann and Welton Becket 4 Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria 648 South Broadway. Downtown Los Angeles
City Hall / Desert :: Sidewalk Terazzo at Clifton's Cafeteria :: 648 Broadway :: Los Angeles :: California
City Hall and the Desert.
Sidewalk Terrazo
Californian orange groves and a Stadium.
Beaches / Missions / Sidewalk Terazo / Downtown Los Angeles
Beaches and Franziscan missions.

Silverlake ...mi Amor community mural
SilverLake Mi Amor community mural by Edwin Hernandez 3828 Sunset Boulevard + Hyperion.

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Seeds of Illusion
Seeds of Illusion a SPARC projects mural 1990 by artist Guillermo Bert.