Downtown Los Angeles Mural

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Abbot Kinney, Aboriginal, A Glorious History a Golden Legacy, AIDS Memorial, Amateur Athletic, American Dream, Angel of Unity, Angels Flying, Angelyne, L'Annunciazione,
A shenere un besere Velt.

Balboa Island Mural, Ballin Ceiling Mural, Ballona Creek, Becoming the Circle, Bowl of Rice, Black Surfing Association, Blessing of the Animals, Boletos de Avion, Brandelli's Brig, Bride and Groom. C Cali Gear Wallpainting, Calle de la Eternidad, Capitol Milling Sign, Casbah Cafe, Castellanos, Cecil Ferguson, Chagall Returns to Venice, Champions League, Chicano Time Trip, Cherub Stencil Art, Chorus Line, City of Dreams, City of Passion, Construction Fence. D Dancers Mural, Dearden's, Doge's Venice, Dolores del Rio, Dusk. E Earth Memories, Echo Park the World, Ed Ruscha Monument, El Corrido de Boyle Heights, El Corrido de Ricardo Valdez, El Segundo, Emperatriz de America, Endangered Species, Eyes. F Fairfax Community Mural, Family of Man, Farmer John Pig Mural, Father Hidalgo, Feel the Burn, Fidelity, Field Trip, Figueroa Hotel Wallpaintings, Flamenca de las Rosas, Freedom won't Wait, Freeway Kids. G Gateway, Global Los Angeles, Great Wall of California, Greatest Love, Guadalupe, Virgin of Guadalupe. H Harbor Freeway Overture, Helms Backery, Helms Coach Gone a Rye, Hog Heaven, Hollywood Goddess, Holy Trinity and the Virgin, Homeboy. I In the Beginning was the Word, Immaculate Perception. J Jazz Music, Jesus, Jimmi Hendrix, Juan Gabriel de Los Angeles. K Kovacs Pharmacy in The Valley.


L Lady Liberty Facing West, Lady of the Lake, La Abeja, Las Madres, La Ofrenda, La Sombra del Arroyo, Leo Fender, Let's meet at the Bowl, Little Joy of Echo Park, Los Angeles 1870, Los Angeles 1910, Los Angeles 1960, Los Angeles 2000. M Mayan Tile Relief, Mensajero de la Paz, Metropolitan Water District, Monte Trasher, Morning Shot, Mosaic, Mother, Movie Stars. N Native Americans, No Blood for Oil, Nuestra Tierra, Nuevo Fuego. O Obey Giant by Shepard Fairey. P Pacific Ocean, Painter's Park, Paradise, Party at Lan-Ting, People of the Sun, Pho Soup, Plaza Child, Pope of Broadway. Q Quinceanera mural, Redondo Beach Quilt. R Reina de Mexico, Remnants, Remorse, Reverend Phil Aguilar, Rivkin Tiles. S Sam's Market, San Gabriel Mission Days, San Antonio Winery, Santa Monica Beach Mural, Sculpting Another Destiny, Seeds of Illusion, Selena's Memory, Shades of Chinatown, Sidewalk Terrazzo, Silverlake mi Amor, Spirit of Aerospace, Sports, Star Trek, Starry Night, Streetscapers, Sunrise, Swap Meet. T Talmadge, Tassos Market, Teachers, Toltec Warrior, Trains Shaping History, Twenty Mule Team, Transformation through Education. U Ultimo Beso, Under the Bridge, Undiscovered America, Unexcelled, U.S. Air Force. V Variety Arts Building, Venice Plunge, Venice Reconstituted, Versace, Virgin of Guadalupe, Virgin's Seed, Vitameatavegamin. W Wallflower, What i see, can be me, Workers. Y You are the Star mural on Hollywood Blvd.

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Murals in America evolved as an medium of public expression during Mexican Revolution in times of crisis. Like most public art, mural art and wallpaintings are neither connected to the international art world nor supported by state officials.
Nova Color artists acrylic paint, manufactured in Culver City, helped the Chicano Mural Arts movement since 1965 to add color and more personality to buildings and bridges in the City of Los Angeles.