Modern Architecture in Los Angeles

  1950 -1959

Anderson House
Anderton Court Shops
Biren Carpets
Herman Miller Showroom
Latvian Church
Lincoln Place
Long Beach Baptist Church
Office Building
Medical Plaza
Micheltorena Residence
Neutra Office
Robinson's Beverly
Rosenstiel-Augunas Residence
School of Engineering
Shulman House + Studio
Tishman Towers
Wilshire Medical Center
CBS Television City
Citizens National Trust & Savings Bank
Dutton's Books
Haas House
Paul R. Williams Residence
Remington Rand
Schrage-Hallauer House
Simon Lazarus Residence
Mc Donald's
Schlessinger House
Southdown Estates
UCLA Medical Center
Accounting Center
Auto Club
Beverly Hilton
General Motors Training Center
Jacobson House
Lou Ehler's Cadillac
O'Neill Apartments
Randy's Donuts
Bach Auricon Cameras
Beachwood Market
City National Bank
Eagle Rock Clubhouse
Medical Association of L.A.
National Charity League
Osteopathic Hospital
Bethel Church Sun Valley
Capitol Records
Catalina Office
Chip's Diner
Greyhound Bus Station
Perkins House
Schoenberg Music Hall
Segal House
Store Building
3540 Wilshire
Art Institute
Beverly Olympic
Continental Assurance
Santa Monica County Courthouse
Falabrino Offices
Fidelity Federal Savings
IBM Building
Korean Consulate
Ladd House
Silver Top
Texaco West Coast
Tidewater Oil
Astro Family Restaurant
Astro Motel
Case Study House 21
Gibraltar Savings
Hollyday Bowl
Holman United Methodist Church
Johnie's Broiler
Multi-Family Apartments
Norm's Huntington Park
Norm's West Hollywood
Pann's Restaurant
Panorama Bank
Ron-Dee Coffee Shop
Ross House
Single Family Residence
Star of Creation Chapel
Time Oil Office
Twilighter Hotel
Alhambra City Hall
Cincinnati Life
Civic Auditorium
Fireside Manor
Glendale County Building
Lee Tower
Pasinetti House
Sinai Temple
South Bay Bank
Wetherly Twin Towers
Wich Stand
Ahmanson Bank + Trust
Carson-Roberts Building
Fernwood Place
Founders Church
Glendale Federal Savings + Loan
Glendale Police Facilities
Louvers Building
Office + Parking
Pacific Indemnity Insurance
Sepulveda Medical Center
St. Andrews Church
Zeller House





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1920 -1925

1926 -1929

1930 -1949

1920 -1949

1950 -1959  

1960 -1969

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2000 -2004

2005 -2009

Modern architecture is the style
of the 20th century
and Los Angeles
one of the most
diverse and innovative
Not only simplification
of form
and elimination
of ornament,
but also social matters
of affordable housing
in a growing city
were crucial.

The money and creativity
of Hollywood
and a mild climate
here pushed every style
a little further
than anywhere else.

The houses of the Case Study
program are still a great
example for the use
of lightweight materials
and a new view
on the interaction
between inside and outside.
The classic
Southern California farm home
was, and still is, subject
to countless remodels
by young designers.

Steep hillsides
inspired the architects
to create structures
with spectacular views,
and corrugated steel facades
to make them more fire resistant.

Today abandoned office
buildings and loft warehouses
been converted
to apartments
and studios
not only downtown.
Photovoltaic solar panels
start to show up,
everything goes green
and more energy selfsufficient.