Modern Architecture in Los Angeles

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Modern Buildings of 2005 Small House in Echo Park, 10 Palms Architecture, Civic Center Parking Structure, Fidelity Investments, Gordon Street Lofts, House Research Institute, House of Sand, King on Kings, LACC, Larchmont Lofts, Levels Audio, MODAA Architecture, Museum of Design Art and Architecture, Neubert House, Occidental Twin Homes, Rosenthal Duplex, Talmadge Street, Tilehouse, Transit Village, Universal Cargo, Urban Loft, Valley Drive House, Vidal Residence, Yucca Apartments.

House 2006 3-in-1 House, Modern Affordable Housing Project, Abbot Kinney Live + Work, BCAM, Bestor House, Briski House, Castle in the Air, Charles Mingus Youth Arts Center, Chromacolor, Container Architecture, Exposition Park Library, Ghassemlou Residence, Gustavo Gubel Residence, Helios Gas Station, K-5 School, Kuhlhaus Architecture, Low-Income Housing, Mississippi Lofts, Moore Street, One Window House, Police + Fire Facility, Pre-fab House, Quintero Apartments, Robert Graham Artist Studio, Sheldon House, Silverspur, Swell House, Tigertail House, Vanguard Loft, Venice Equinox, Wild Oak, Woodbury University.


Residence 2007 Aragon Court Duplex, Venice Beach House, Briard House, Cahill Center, Cherokee Lofts, Crestwood Living Home, Fin House, Design Build Architecture, Formosa Townhomes, King Residence, Linnie Canal House, Market Mews Condos, Mar Vista Residence, Milwood 710, Open House, Oxford Residence, Silver Lake Library, Tahiti Apartments, Techentin Ranch, The Pointe, Thornton Lofts, Townhouse, Venice Loft Homes, Warner Residence, Wilcox Lofts, Willoughby Townhomes, Winge House, 333 Wilton, 959 Walnut Architectural. Modern Architecture 2008 Abbot Kinney Lofts, Annenberg Space for Photography, Air Venice, Akron Twin Houses, Annenberg Community Beach House, Auburn 7, Carroll Canal, Cleft House Construction, Comeback Cube Shelter, 737 Conserve, Corralitas Homes, Croft Condos, Detroit Lofts, Echo Park Deep Pool, Exposition Apartments, Hancock Park Townhome, Hollenbeck Police Station, Jones Residence, Maisonette on Sweetzer, Manhattan Beach House, Norman Millar Residence, Oscar de la Hoya Charter School, Not-Neutral Architecture Shop, Roman Courts, Sharkey Residence, Stirton Residence, Superior at Venice, Swan Place. Homes of 2009 207 Goode Office, Callas Residence, Gray Residence, House on Stilts, Cling House, Orange Office, Presbyterian Church, Venice Pre-Fab.

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Modern buildings and residence in the City of Los Angeles with photos, construction data, name of the architect, building style and location.