ABC Entertainment Center 1969 by architect Henry George Greene  |  Demolished 2003  |  Century City  |  Los Angeles Architecture

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ABC Entertainment Center
The American Broadcasting Company ABC had the vision to create a futuristic entertainment and retail complex like the Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco: A superblock with restaurants, theaters, shops and cultural events between the Century Plaza Hotel and the Twin Towers.
Although there was the nation's largest subterranean parking garage or the great Shubert Theatre, showing Broadway productions in West Los Angeles, this Mini-City concept never made it.

ABC Entertainment Center Los Angeles
Century City is a 260-acre ALCOA development on the former site of the 20th Century-Fox motion pictures studio.
Construction started in 1962 with a hotel, the latest additions are the offices of the Creative Artists AGencY and the AnnenberG SPace for Photography on the grounds of the demolished ABC Center.

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