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Modern Buildings of 1970 800 Wilshire, AON Skyscraper, Service and Parking Garage, Traffic Court. Downtown 1971 Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank, MCI Center.

Center 1972 California Bar Association, City National Bank, Convention Center, French Hospital, Northwestern Mutual Life, Macy's Plaza, Los Angeles Mall, Sheraton Hotel, Pacific Financial Center, Paul Hastings Tower, Los Angeles Times West, Executive Parking, World Trade Center. Tower 1973 City Hall East, Good Sam Hospital, La Curacao, LATTC. Bank 1974 Bank of America, New Otani Hotel, Radisson Hotel, Shopping Gallery, Westin Downtown Hotel. Plaza 1975 California Teachers Association, Claude Hudson CHC, Japanese Union Church, Little Tokyo Towers, Union Ferraro Tower. Complex 1977 Credit Union Plaza, Piper Tec Complex, Public Works Facilities, Western Federal. Apartment 1978 911 Wilshire, California Mart, JACCC, Promenade Plaza Apartments, Weller Court. Skyscraper 1979 Citi Group, Computer Center, Geffen Contemporary Art Museum, The Park, Salvatori Hall. Condo 1980 Angelus Plaza, Modern Skyline Condos, Wilshire-Grand, Loyola Law School, Fritz B. Burns Academic Center, Cassasa Building, Donovan Hall, Founders Hall, Merrifield Hall, Parking Structure, Chapel of the Advocate.


Headquarter 1981 Bullock's Headquarters, California Aerospace Museum, Figueroa Tower, Jewelry Center, Manulife Plaza, Marriott Hotel, Mellon First Business Bank. Museum 1982 California First Bank, Manufacturer Bank, MOCA Museum, Museum Tower, Pardee Coed Hall, Seeley G. Mudd Tower. Modern Architecture 1983 1055 Wilshire, Cathay Manor, Figueroa Plaza, International Tower, KPMG Office Tower, Promenade Towers Apartments, Modern Villas, Wells Fargo, Downtown YMCA. Hall 1984 1000 Wilshire, Beaudry Center, Federal Reserve, Yaohan Department Store.

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Modern architecture is the style of the 20th century and Los Angeles one of the most diverse and innovative cities. Not only simplification of form and elimination of ornament but also social matters of affordable housing in a growing city were crucial.
The money and creativity of Hollywood and a mild climate pushed every style a little further than anywhere else.
The houses of the Case Study program are still great examples for the use of lightweight materials and a new view on the interaction between the inside and outside.
The classic Southern California farm home was and still is subject to countless remodels by young designers.
Today abandoned office buildings and loft warehouses been converted into apartments, lofts and studios. Photovoltaic solar panels start to show up, everything goes green and more energy selfsufficient.