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Hon-Michi Los Angeles Shutchosho
Hon-Michi Los Angeles Shutchosho 1984 by Obayashi Architects. Religious Organisation 4431 Wilshire Boulevard.

Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple
Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple est. 1988 in Ming and Ching Dynasty style architecture at 3456 Glenmark Drive in Hacienda Heights: The best thing in the world is happiness, the noblest deed in the world is forming affinities...

Self-Realization Fellowship Temple
Paramahansa Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship was est. 1925 in Los Angeles  |  Pacific Palisades.

Ming Ya Buddhist Temple in Lincoln Heights
Temple of the Ming Ya Buddhist Foundation of Los Angeles at 4371 Valley Boulevard in Lincoln Heights.

James Irvine Garden in Los Angeles
Garden of the Clear Stream 1977 by Takeo Uesugi. James Irvine Garden at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Little Tokyo.

Los Angeles Landmarks and Tourist Locations

Japanese Garden in Van Nuys
Stone lantern in the Japanese Gardens of water and fragrance 1983 by garden designer Dr. Koichi Kawanagarden at 6100 Woodley Avenue in Van Nuys.

Japanese 'Garden in the Sky' in Little Tokyo
Japanese Garden in the Sky 1977 by Sentaro Iwaki at the New Otani Hotel in Little Tokyo.

Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro
A Friendship Bell for the United States of America and the Republic of Korea dedicated 1976-07-04 at the Angels Gate Park in San Pedro. Pavilion by architect Kim Se-jung.