Oil Wells of Los Angeles



Oil  at the Beverly Hills High School
Venoco Inc. oil rig at the Beverly Hills High School.
BHHS was the movie location for Beverly Hills 90210
and movies such as Clueless. Law prohibits oil, gas
or other hydrocarbon extraction after 2016-12-31...

Baldwin Hills oil well
Hundreds of pumpjacks still operate on Baldwin Hill.

Oil workers memorial on Signal Hill L.A.
A monument commemorating the oil workers of
Signal Hill. In 1921 the Alamitos Nº1 well of the
Shell Oil Company erupted with a 35 meter gusher
because the gas pressure was so great.
Soon the hill was covered with a forest of hundreds
of derricks and was also known as Porcupine Hill.
It became one of the most productive oil fields in
the world.

Oil see at the La Brea Tar Pits
The historic La Brea Tar Pits are a natural source for
hydrocarbons and site of mammoths and pleistocene
skeleton parts preserved in asphalt.

Crude oil at the First Chinese Baptist Church of Los Angeles
Crude oil at the Chinese Baptist Church Chinatown.

Crude oil at the First Chinese Baptist Church in Chinatown