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San Gabriel Valley and Mount Harvard
San Gabriel Valley looking north towards Mount Harvard.

Malibu Pier
Malibu Pier was first built in 1906 to serve as a shipping wharf at 23000 Pacific Coast Highway. Since 1934 a sport fishing spot. Alice's Restaurant ...home of the B52 Cocktail.

Los Angeles Landmarks and Tourist Locations

Historic Ridge Route of California
The old Ridge Route from Fort Tejon through the Angeles National Forest to Castaic was opened in 1915 as a narrow two-lane highway saving 44 miles over the former road.

Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach
Ocean Front Walk with the Venice Beach Fishing Pier at Pacific Ocean.

Mount Lee with Hollywood sign...
Mount Lee (1578 feet) with the famous Hollywood Sign.

Pacific Ocean Sunset
Pacific Ocean under a peaceful sunset with sailboats at Venice Beach.

The famous HOLLYWOOD-LAND sign on top of Mount Lee in Griffith Park. Dedicated 1923-07-13 above the City of L.A.

Passenger liner 'Queen Mary' moored in the Port of Los Angeles
The Queen Mary passenger liner operated 1001 times between New York and Southampton  |  Port of Los Angeles.