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In Memory of September 11, 2001
In Memory of September 11, 2001 crew and passengers of American Airlines Flight 11 a Boeing 767 from Boston to Los Angeles, United Airlines Flight 175 a Boeing 767 from Boston to Los Angeles, American Airlines Flight 77 a Boeing 757 from Washington to Los Angeles and United Airlines Flight 93 a Boeing 757 from Newark to San Francisco.

African American Firefighter Museum
African American Firefighter Museum at 1401 S. Central Ave. in the L.A.F.D. Fire Station 1913 by architect James Backus.

Signal Hill oil field Los Angeles
In the 1920's Signal Hill was one of the most productive oil fields of Southern California. Memorial Park between Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Biddy Mason Park
The Biddy Mason Park time and place wall, between Spring Street and Broadway, 1990 by Sheila de Bretteville.

Los Angeles Landmarks and Tourist Locations

Billy Graham in Los Angeles
In 1949 the reverend Billy Graham preached the Gospel for 8 weeks here at the corner of Washington and Hill Streets.

Charles Bukowski's Bungalow
Poet and novelist Charles Bukowski was born 1920-08-16 in Andernach, Germany and worked here between 1963 and 1972. The bungalow was built around 1922 by the Pacific Ready-Cut Company at 5124 De Longpre Ave. Los Angeles.

Walt Disney Studio Garage
The first animation film studio of Walt Disney est. 1923 inside of this garage at his uncle Robert's home at 4406 Kingswell Street.
Walt Disney animation film camera
The Disney Garage was moved to the Stanley Ranch Museum of the Garden Groove Historical Society at 12174 Euclid Street

Dosan Ahn House at USC Los Angeles
The former Dosan Ahn family home at USC Los Angeles. The Korean Studies Institute is named for Korean independence leader Tosan Ahn Ch'ang-Ho (1878 -1938).

Lasky-De Mille Studio Barn in Hollywood
Hollywood Heritage Museum Lasky-De Mille Studio Barn once located at the intersection Sunset Blvd. + Vine Street.


Hale House at Heritage Square Los Angeles
The Victorian style Hale House was built 1887 and is today located at the Heritage Square of Los Angeles as a restored example of the Queen Anne and Eastlake Style.