Photographer Julius Shulman
Julius Shulman blessed my camera. Photo 2008 by Michael J. Locke
YOU-ARE-HERE.COM is an internet photo archive of modern architecture, historic buildings, sculptures and public art in Los Angeles, Europe and the Middle East.

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How can i contact you ? Send an E-MAIL ...i am Martin

Can i buy your photos at market rates ?
My digital photos are available in high-res on request

Do you life in Los Angeles ?
No, my hometown is STUTTGART, Germany

Are you a company or a group of people ?
No, a single person doing this during vacation. I'm a service engineer in the OIL INDUSTRY working around the GULF

How many photos are online in your galleries ? In 2015 there are 7000+ photos online, not only buildings, but also PUBLIC ART, MURALS and a lot of interesting LOCATIONS

Los Angeles Times
What else is published or online? I have a stop-motion video on YOU TUBE, and two articles in print magazines PC PHOTO MAGAZINE and the MODERNISM MAGAZINE.
PC-Photo Magazine

When will be your next visit?  I have no idea...

What kind of photo equipment do you use ?
Canon EOS 600 digital camera and a Tokina 12-24 ultrawide zoom lens. Here's a little history of my PHOTO EQUIPMENT.

How is the weather tomorrow?
Dominic's WEATHER FORECAST will tell you exactely!

Thank you for visiting my online photo archive of architecture and public art in L.A. For years i had the pleasure to spend my vacations in downtown Los Angeles and learn about the architecture of California.

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Photos shown in a museum
In 2010 my photos about early concrete churches in Europe had been on display in the Stadthaus Ulm museum designed by architect Richard Meier.