Photographer Julius Shulman
Julius Shulman blessed my camera...   © 2008 by Michael J. Locke


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How can i contact you ?   Send an E-MAIL name is Martin

Can i buy your photos at market rates ?
My digital photos are available in high-res on request

Do you life in Los Angeles ?
No, my hometown is STUTTGART, Germany

Are you a company or a group of people ?
No, a single person doing this during vacation. I'm a service engineer
in the OIL INDUSTRY working around the PERSIAN GULF

How many photos are online in your galleries ? In 2015 there are 7000+ photos online, not only buildings, but also PUBLIC ART, MURALS and a lot of interesting LOCATIONS

Los Angeles Times
What else is published or online? I have a stop-motion video on YOU TUBE, and there are two articles in print magazine PC PHOTO MAGAZINE and the LOS ANGELES TIMES.
PC-Photo Magazine

When will be your next visit?  I have no idea...

What kind of photo equipment do you use ?
Canon EOS 600 digital camera and a Tokina 12-24 ultrawide zoom lens. Here i wrote a little history of my PHOTO EQUIPMENT.

How is the weather tomorrow?
Dominic's WEATHER FORECAST will tell you exactely!

In 2010 my photos had been on display in a museum designed by architect Richard Meier, the Stadthaus Ulm.
The show was about early concrete churches in Europe.
Photos shown in a museum
Thank you for visiting my online photo archive of architecture and public art in L.A. For years i had the pleasure to spend my vacations in downtown Los Angeles and learn about the architecture of California.
But you will also find a lot of buildings in EUROPE, the MIDDLE- EAST and ASIA here now. Especially in QATAR and SINGAPORE i had the oppurtunity to take a lot photos during my bussiness trips. Los Angeles FAQ

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Mechanic on the CLEETON platform in the south North-Sea