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My personal collection of Los Angeles themed books or print on paper sorted by year of publication...

Reference and Travel Books

Eine Blume aus dem goldenen Lande by Ludwig Salvator published 1878 by Heinrich Mercy in Prag * Los Angeles by Anton Wagner 1935 Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig * Southern California, an Island on the Land by Carey McWilliams 1946 Gibbs-Smith Publisher Salt Lake City * The Los Angeles Book by Max Yano and Lee Shippey 1950 Houghton Mifflin Company Boston * Portrait of an Extraordinary City by Paul C. Johnson 1968 Lane Magazine & Book Company Menlo Park * Los Angeles Picture Book by David Gibbon and Ted Smart 1979 Crescent New York * Los Angeles by Andrew Rolle edited by John A. Schutz 1981 Boyd & Fraser San Francisco * From the Days of the Pueblo by W.W. Robinson 1981 Chronicle Books San Francisco * 24 Hours in the Life of L.A. by Klaus Fabricius and Red Saunders 1984 Alfred van der Marck Editions New York * Los Angeles by Karol Kallay and David Fischer 1984 VEB F.A. Brockhaus Verlag Leipzig * Lost & Found: An architectural history by Sam Hall Kaplan 1987 Crown New York * Los Angeles in the Thirties by David Gebhard and Harriette von Bretton 1989 Hennessey & Ingalls Los Angeles * City of Quarz by Mike Davis 1990 Verso London / New York * Above Los Angeles by Robert Cameron and Jack Smith 1990 Cameron San Francisco * Spaziergänge durch das Hollywood der Emigranten 1992 Cornelius Schnauber Arche Verlag Zürich * People of Hollywood by Volker Corell 1992 Art Forum Frankfurt am Main * Los Angeles by photographer Santi Visali 1993 Rizzoli New York * Architectural Guide by David Gebhard and Robert Winter 1994 Gibbs-Smith Publishers Salt Lake City * 4:31 The images of the 1994 Earthquake publisehd by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate * A Guide to recent Architecture by Dian Phillips-Pulverman 1994 Ellipsis London * Los Angeles by Klaus Viedebantt and Christian Heeb 1995 C.J. Bucher Verlag München * The History of Forgetting by Norman M. Klein 1997Verso London / New York * Watts Towers by Bud and Arloa Paquin Goldstone 1997 Thames & Hudson London * L.A. Bizzaro by Anthony R. Lovett and Matt Marian 1997 St. Martin's Press New York * William Mulholland and the Rise of Los Angeles by Catherine Mulholland 2000 Los Angeles University Press * Angels in Fall by Karin Apollonia Müller 2001 Kruse Verlag Hamburg * The San Fernando Valley by Kevin Roderick 2001 Los Angeles Times Books * Another City by editor David L. Uhlin 2001 City Light Books San Francisco * Around + About - Andrew Barrett-Weiss (Editor) 2001 Powerhouse Theatre Santa Monica * Crime Beat Selected Journalism by Michael Connelly 2004Steven C. Vascik Publications Los Angeles * Googie Redux Ultramodern Roadside Architecture by Alan Hess 2004Chronicle Books San Francisco * The Thomas Street Guide and Map of Los Angeles and Orange County 2004 Rand McNally * Wilshire Boulevard - Grand Concourse of Los Angeles 2005 Kevin Roderick + J. Eric Lynxwiler Angel City Press * Art / Shop / Eat - Jade Chang + Robert Szabo Benke 2005 Blue Guides Limited Somerset Books London (my photo is on page 79) * Erfolgsfaktor Architektur - Strategisches bauen für Unternehmen 2006 Dr. Susanne Knittel-Ammerschuber Birkhäuser Verlag Basel * Silent Traces - discovering early Hollywood by John Bengston 2006 Santa Monica Press (my photos are on pages 46, 48 and 53) * Modernism Rediscovered by photographer Julius Shulman 2007Taschen Verlag Los Angeles * From Autos to Architecture by David Gartman. Fordism and Architectural Aesthestics in the Twentieth Century 2009 Princeton Architectural Press New York (my photos are on pages 170 and 221).

Fiction Novels

Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey 2008 Harper Collins New York * Zero to the Bone, a Nina Zero novel by Robert Eversz 2006 Simon + Schuster New York * Digging James Dean, a Nina Zero novel by Robert Eversz 2005 Simon + Schuster * Burning Garbo, a Nina Zero novel by Robert Eversz 2003 Final Draft / Script * God's Gym by Leon de Winter 2002 De Bezige Bij Amsterdam * Killing Paparazzi, a Nina Zero novel by Robert Eversz 2001 Macmillan London * Going La La by Alexandra Potter 2001 Fourth Estate London * Der blaue Geschmack der Welt by Lothar Schöne 2001 DTV München * Sacred Ground by Barbara Wood 2001 St. Martin's Press New York * Miss Wyoming by Douglas Coupland 2000 Pantheon Books New York * Nachwelt by Marlene Streeruwitz 1999 Fischer Buch Frankfurt am Main * Szenen aus Los Angeles von Thomas Schuler 1999 Picus Verlag Wien * Der Engel bin Ich von Manfred Fluegge 1999 Aufbau Verlag Berlin * White Oleander by Janet Fitch 1999 Little Brown + Co * The Handyman by Carolyn See 1999 Random House New York * Like a Hole in the Head - Jen Banbury 1998 Little Brown + Company * Word - Coerte V.W. Felske 1998 Warner Books New York * Killer Instinct - Jane Hamsher 1997 Broadway Books New York * Good Morning Los Angeles von Tom Kummer 1997 Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag * De Hemel van Hollywood - Leon de Winter 1997De Bezige Bij Amsterdam * Shooting Elvis, a Nina Zero novel by Robert M. Eversz 1996 Grove Press New York * Polaroids from the Dead - Douglas Coupland 1996 Harper Collins New York * The Tortilla Curtain by T. Coraghessan Boyle 1995 Viking New York * The White Album - Joan Didion 1990 Noonday Press * Los Angeles without a map - Richard Raynor 1989 Secker + Warburg London * Wonderland Avenue by DannY Sugerman 1989 William Morrow New York * Ask the Dust - John Fante 1985 Black Sparrow Press Santa Barbara * Less than Zero - Bret Easton Ellis 1985 Simon Schuster * Hot Water Music - Short stories by Charles Bukowski 1983 Black Sparrow Press * Ham on Rye - Charles Bukowski 1982 Black Sparrow Press Santa Barbara * Herbst in der großen Orange von Hugo Loetscher 1982 Diogenes Zürich * Treno di Pana / Creamtrain - Andrea de Carlo 1981 Einaudi Turin * Love Tale of the Hyena - Charles Bukowski 1979 Black Sparrow Press * Post Office - Charles Bukowski 1971 Black Sparrow Press * The Slide Area - Scenes of Hollywood Life by Gavin Lambert 1954The Viking Press New York * What Makes Sammy Run - Budd Schulberg 1941 Random House New York * The Day of the Locust by author Nathanael West 1939 Farrar Straus Giroux New York *

Robert Crais

The 2 Minute Rule, a Max Holman novel 2006 Simon and Schuster New York * The Forgotten Man, an Elvis Cole novel 2005 Ballantine Books * The Last Detective, an Elvis Cole novel 2003 Doubleday New York * Hostage, a Jeff Talley novel 2001 Doubleday * Demolition Angel, a Carol Starkey novel 2000 Doubleday * L.A. Requiem, a Joe Pike novel 1999 Doubleday * Indigo Slam, an Elvis Cole novel 1997 Hyperion New York * Sunset Express, an Elvis Cole novel 1996 Hyperion * Voodoo River, an Elvis Cole novel 1995 Hyperion * Free Fall, an Elvis Cole novel 1993 Bantam Books New York * Lullaby Town, an Elvis Cole novel 1992 Bantam Books * Stalking the Angel, an Elvis Cole novel 1989 Bantam Books * The Monkeys Raincoat, an Elvis Cole novel 1987 Bantam.

Michael Connelly

The Overlook, a Harry Bosch novel 2007 publishe by Little Brown + Co. New York * Echo Park, a Harry Bosch novel 2006 New York * The Lincoln Lawyer, a Mickey Haller novel 2005 * The Closers, a Harry Bosch novel 2005 * The Narrows, a Harry Bosch novel 2004 * Lost Light, a Harry Bosch novel 2003 * Chasing The Dime, a Henry Pierce novel 2002 * City Of Bones, a Harry Bosch novel 2002 * A Darkness More Than Night, a Hieronymous Bosch novel 2001 * Void Moon, a Cassie Black novel 2000 * Angel's Flight, a Harry Bosch novel 1999 * Blood Work, a Terry McCaleb novel 1998 * Trunk Music, a Harry Bosch novel 1997 * The Poet, a Jack McEvoy novel 1996 * The Last Coyote, a Harry Bosch novel 1995 * The Concrete Blonde, a Harry Bosch novel 1994 * The Black Ice, a Harry Bosch novel 1993 * The Black Echo, a Harry Bosch novel 1992 *

Crime and Action books

Earthquake Weather by Terrill Lee Lankford 2004 Random House / Ballantine New York * Angry Moon - Terrill Lee Lankford 1997 Tom Doherty Associates New York * Shooters - Terrill Lee Lankford 1997 Tom Doherty * Inner City Blues - Paula L. Woods 1999 W.W. Norton New York * Flesh And Blood - Jonathan Kellerman 2001 Random House New York * Billy Straight - Jonathan Kellerman 1999 Random House * Double Image - 1998 David Morrell * Dogtown written by Mercedes Lambert 1991 Viking Penguin New York * My dark places by James Ellroy 1996 Alfred A. Knopf New York * The Black Dahlia 1987 by James Ellroy * The New Centurions - Joseph Wambaugh 1970 Bantam Morrow New York * The Choirboys - Joseph Wambaugh 1975 Bantam Morrow * The Glitter Dome - Joseph Wambaugh 1981 Bantam Morrow * The Delta Star - Joseph Wambaugh 1983 Bantam Morrow *

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