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Pilot Jon Thornburgh + me
Flying Ultralight 1.0.1 in 2004 with my pilot Jon Thornburgh
Los Angeles Conservancy walking tour
On my visit in 2005 Sha in LA invited me to a Los Angeles Conservancy walking tour on the USC campus. If you like the architecture of John Parkinson this is the place!

Rita Brown :: KTLA's make-up artist
In 2007 i had the great pleasure to meet make-up artist Rita Brown and the Prime News team of KTLA in Hollywood

KTLA Prime News with Hal Fishman (†)
Lissette Gonzalez, Ross King, me, Hal, Frank Buckley, Damon Andrews
Anchor Hal Fishman not only knew a lot about German politics and had met former chancellor Helmut Schmidt, he also gave me a history lesson: I learned that Barrington Plaza was the tallest building in the 1960's ...and that he lived there once.

Los Angeles Mirror building
Then i met Cara Di Massa of the Los Angeles Times for an interview. Later we were joined by staff photographer Annie Wells. Together we discovered the remains of a forgotten Chocolate Shop and had an inside tour of the famous Los Angeles Theatre and The Palace.
Los Angeles Times staff writer Cara Di Massa + photographer Annie Wells
At MacArthur Park, worshipping Harrison Gray Otis, publisher of the Los Angeles Times for more than three decades.

Photographer and visual artist Rebecca Tuynman took my picture for her next art project.
Rebecca Tuynman
Joyce (right)
Joyce (right) showed me the futuristic Oakley building and Orange County in 2004 - Santa Catalina next time?
Some people i only knew by e-mail before, some signed my Guestbook and gave me new ideas...
Ed Fuentes
Nice to meet Ed Fuentes at Philippe's he is a writer and runs a great blog (yes, i had a french dipped sandwich this evening).

 Patt Morrison
Fabulous columnist and reporter Patt Morrison and me. Patt Morrison and her producer Collin Campbell invited me to the California Public Radio KPCC for an interview.
KPCC Radio :: Downtown Studio :: Los Angeles

Photographer Julius Shulman, Rita and me at his studio, enjoing a big box of See's Candies ® Peanut Brittle (his secret of longevity).
Julius Shulman

In 2007 i visited Los Angeles two times. Thanks to Michael Locke i had the opportunity to meet more wonderful people than ever. He opened the doors of so many houses for me, i will be busy forever putting everything online.
We had a wonderful party at the Elevado de Castillo residence. Donna and Michael Locke together with Karen and Guy Vidal were the perfect hosts. Pasta, red wine and a mix of illustrious guests created the perfect evening: Julius Shulman spoke from past times, younger architects like Gustavo Gubel or Tim Campbell talked about current projects - i only missed to talk to Dione Neutra in german language....
Michael J. Locke at the Earle C. Anthony residence above Los Feliz
Michael J. Locke - a great friend and a great guide to the hidden treasures of Silver Lake architecture.

If you don't know the difference between a radio astronomer and a radio astrologer - meet April Sindorf. On our way back to Germany, inside a Lufthansa Airbus ®, we had a great time talking with April...
Astrologer April Sindorf
On the photo we see April (left) during one of her shows at Radio Europe Mediterraneo in Spain. She is a professional astrologer, consultant and therapist.

In 2008 Barbara Lamprecht was on visit to Europe. Together we visited some of her favorites in Basel and Stuttgart
Barbara Lamprecht

Kevin Roderick the editor and publisher of LA Observed had a close relation to my hometown Stuttgart. So i was happy to spend a day with him during his 2009 memorial trip.
Kevin Roderick :: Journalist in Los Angeles

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Last but not least THANK YOU to Dominic who supported from it's humble beginnings in the last century, when i started my photo gallery with only 20 photos online...