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Graffiti around Melrose Avenue
Graffiti, a car and spray paint art at this Melrose Avenue backyard

Mear One's Graffiti
Graffiti at the thinkspace art gallery by artist Mear One 4210 Santa Monica Boulevard. The same wall in 2007 Fairfax District
Thinkspace Art Gallery

For the People by the People 2008 by Mear One at Beverly Blvd.
Graffiti by MearOne in Los Angeles

Spray Paint Art Triptychon in a Melrose Avenue backyard
Graffiti Triptychon in Los Angeles

Fish equiped wih High-Tech weapons in a Melrose Avenue backyard
Fish artwork in Los Angeles

City Bomb Squad 2006 by Axis, Mers, Dease, Clown, Epik, Dytch
City Bomb Squad Graffiti

Depleted Uranium is a War Crime graffiti and spraypaint art
Depleted Uranium is a War Crime

Mini-Gods givers of divine sound by Victor Marka27 Quinonez with 16'' full range speaker @ SURU Shop at 7662 Melrose Avenue
Mini-Gods by Marka 27

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Los Angeles Reggae Graffiti
Reggae and Hip Hop break the Chains maroon cultures were founded by escaped slaves in places like Cuba, Brazil,and Jamaica. In Jamaica they laid the foundation for Reggea music.
Through Reggea music and DJ's the Hip-Hop style found it's roots.