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Groove Riders Club and DJ Culture Shop
The Groove Riders graffiti 2009 by Mear One on the parking lot wall behind the DJ culture shop in Sherman Oaks


Community Graffiti off Los Angeles
Community public art in Westlake 2007 by J.U.I.C.E and below Escape and Create at Coronado + 7th Street 2004 by J.U.I.C.E.
Escape and Create in Los Angeles


Green Men by Midzt :: Downtown Los Angeles
Green Men 2006 by Midzt at the intersection of 3rd + Main Street

Public Art in South Central Los Angeles R.I.P. Rest In Peace
R.I.P. Rest in Peace in South Central

Graffiti by Slick, Risk, Den and Severe at the intersection of 2308 Broadway and Cloverfield Boulevard building in Santa Monica
Graffiti by Slick


Shrek Shreck Monster
Shrek shreck monster Art at the Raphael Plate Glass Co. building

Scaly-Slime-Fish-Monster at the Raphael Plate Glass warehouse
Slime Monster in Los Angeles

Ballon Angst at the Charles Raphael Plate Glass Co. Warehouse
Ballon Angst


Public Art in Venice Beach
Goodness is the only investment that never fails

Remember who you are and listen to your Soul
Public Art in Venice Beach

All eyes on you in Venice Beach by spraypaint artist Chase
All eyes on you in Venice Beach

Wallpainting In these Times 2003 by Nuke at SPARC Los Angeles
Spray Paint Art by Nuke at SPARC Los Angeles

Graffiti and SprayPaint Art by MSG in Venice of California
Cartel Graffiti in Venice L.A.

Graffiti on a Truck in the Industrial Districts of Los Angeles
Graffiti on a Truck

Funkmaster on Harvard Boulevard 2009 by The Exchange
Funkmasters of Hollywood

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Violence Solves Nothing
Violence Solves Nothing in Hollywood