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Portrait of a young Man
Portrait of a young man ...or the artist on a backyard Melrose Avenue

Lady Bling in Los Angeles
Lady with bling jewelry in Highland Park

Basketball player Kobe Bryant / Los Angeles Lakers
Basketball player Kobe Bryant 2001 by artists Man One + Sacred


Free Burma
Free Burma stencil art with three orange buddhist monks walking on the streets

Cherub stencil art
A cherub is playing the Violin on Sunset Blvd. 2008 stencil art by artist Blek le Rat

Mona Lisa looking concerned onto the Arts District of Los Angeles
Mona Lisa in Los Angeles

Weedmann mural 2009 by Studio 43 at Liberty Bell Temple Rastafarian Ministry
Weedmann in Hollywood

Kosmic Krylon Garage graffiti 2004 by spray paint artist Kenny Scharf .Public Art at the PCMA Museum of California Art in Pasadena
Krylon by Kenny Scharf

Latina on a Rocket on Melrose at Fairfax
Latina on a Rocket

The Third Eye a.k.a Ajna Chakra or Sixth Chakra or Brow chakra on Sunset Blvd
The third Eye / Ajna Chakra

The California Girl on Beverly Boulevard
California Girl

A Goddess of graffiti and spraypaint Art
Goddess of Graffiti


The Los Angeles Arts District east of downtown is a great place to go, if you like contemporary art outside of a museum. Check out Steve Grody's book Graffiti L.A. Street Styles and Art in your nearest neighborhood bookstore, for more information.